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The Best Flat Top Grill For 2022 Reviewed

A Saturday morning you wake up and how better to start the day than some homemade food!! Here is the versatility of the best bbq or grill. The choice is yours – Fried, pancakes, or pancakes. Then you’re dreaming about an outdoor flat griddle lunch. What are those hot dogs, sliders? Or other Mexicans may have quesadillas or fajitas.

Meal or steak for dinner, finally? Or some maize on the cob, maybe.

Best Flat Top Grill Reviews

You need a flat top gas griller to perform such tasty treatments. But where are you beginning? What do you choose? Which one of those burners? This is where we are coming in! We are here! We will select the best flat-top grills and griddle for you to take away the hard work and show them to you. There is no more squeezing around the shops with the grills and grids.

The good news is that you have covered easy stainless steel grills, whether your eyes are about buying for frequent backyards, making your next walk spicy, or making your little family expect to go outdoor camping.

Best Flat Top Grill Quick Answer

No frills, these grills give you comfort and ease to barbecue, whether you are going to use this for your home or your next great outdoor activity. If you choose wisely, you can also benefit from limited easy cleaning and maintenance criteria to make sure your unit is long-lasting. Now, isn’t that what is all about griddle?

1. Blackstone 36in Stainless Steel Griddle Station

Blackstone 1554 Station-4-burner-Propane Fueled-Restaurant Grade-Professional 36 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station-4-bur, 36" - 4 Burner

There is no uncertainty the Blackstone 36 inch Griddle Cooking Station is the best level top flat grill for the vast majority. As one of the most well known open-air griddles pans accessible, also this stainless steel grill gets such huge numbers of incredible audits from the two proprietors and outside grilling devotees.

Also, the motivation behind why such a large number of individuals love it – this level easy top flat top grill is flexible, simple tidy up, simple modifying temperatures, circulates in any event, warming, cooks quickly, has a quality that will keep going for longer than a century, and in particular, it’s also one of the more reasonable flat top grill available.


The Blackstone 36 inch Griddle or top grills gives many decisions and customization 5 x perfect, It also gives you plenty of alternatives that can make your nourishment delicious and gorgeous. As you can appraise the size of these flat-top grills, it is truly roomy and has the best cooking surface. It can cook the perfect measure of nourishment at a time with ease which makes parties simpler. Blackstone 36 inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station – 4-burner – Propane Fueled – Restaurant has the highest point of the flat top grills just open yet which is intended to stay away from oil and additional oil. With this property, the nourishment cooked is wonderful with less slick.

The Blackstone flat top grills have 4 free warmth controls and a searing cast iron 60,000 BTUs (15,000 BTUs for each burner). 720 sq. inch stainless steel frying pan cooking surface made of cold moved steel – which is fundamentally the same as solid metal – for incredible warmth maintenance and circulation with a durable, powder-covered stainless steel outline. This flat-top grills and frying pan can also serve a whole group with full-burn steaks, flip up to 28 burgers, or 72 franks.

Different highlights incorporate electric start, hardened stainless steel burners, worked in oil catcher, 4 substantial casters (two are lockable), 2 cantilevered racks, collapsing legs. The unit comes with a propane tank holder that effectively keeps the tank off of the ground in an advantageous area.

Generally speaking, at its reasonable cost, open cooking surface, and strong development, the Blackstone 36 inch Griddle Cooking Surface is our pick as the best outside frying pan/best flat top grills cash can purchase. All that we have cooked and grill griddle on things being what they are, amazing. pancakes are a breeze. Breakfast eggs and bacon with hash earthy colors and even buttered toast are extraordinary. Chicken with seared rice, zucchini, and squash are much the same as done at a Japanese café. Indeed, even steaks can be singed to flawlessness.

  • 4 independently controlled burners for customized heat levels.
  • Easy assembly; only takes less than 30 minutes to construct
  • Heats up fast and has even heat distribution
  • Can cook a variety of foods for a large group of people
  • the drip channel doesn’t work properly; the grease tends to drip down the side of the leg of the grill
  • there is no cover attached to the back of the grill to keep the wind from affecting the temperature of the grill

2. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill 600

Camp Chef Portable 4-Burner 600 Flat Top Grill w/ 604 sq in Pre-Seasoned Cold Rolled Steel Griddle

In the Flat top grills classification, the Camp Chef gets good and best grades for being café grade, flexible, and spending plan agreeable.

The FTG600 has a genuinely enormous surface territory and accompanies a compatible stainless steel burners top that can change over between flat top grills grates and a flat top gas frying pan for producing breakfast top picks when not being utilized for concocting enough burgers to take care of your entire neighborhood.

The absolute cooking surface is an ample 604 square creeps on the cast iron and 501 square crawls for the flame broil, controlled by four movable tempered steel burners at 12,000 BTUs each for an aggregate of 48,000 BTUs of by and large cooking power. Camp Chef structured the controlled burners is 5 x built to make heat zones so you can concoct some hash browns utilizing an unexpected temp in comparison to the fried eggs you have on simultaneously.

The plan is planned to disperse heat equally so you need experience hot games with the FTG600 and can appreciate a solid, café grade cooking experience. the stainless steel burner is the best flat top grills griddle and has an amazing cooking space and cooking surface

Camp Chef additionally offers two large side racks for prep work and resting a heap of burgers while you polish off a line up of franks the flat top gas has an easy cleaning feature that makes cooking or grill better.


If you do not need the additional cooking space that the racks provide, then the Camp Chef has you covered if saving cooking space is a concern. I also like the lower shelving cooking space for stashing condiments, food trays, towels or just cleaning supplies.

Like most top gas grills in our list, this setting has a quick and reliable electronic push-button switching system. The grill griddle grate control system is also designed for easy use and is easy to access and hassle-free. When making a high volume of food in a short time, this is really important to take into account.

Roller wheels connect to the base of the grill so you can keep it portable, while flexible leg levelers keep your flat top grill surface level and tough, no wobble here. A best in class Lifetime warranty Heavy-duty 304 stainless steel construction Two 18,000 btus stainless steel.

  • The griddle station comes pre-seasoned, ready to cook once the unit has been assembled.
  • Both legs and the grid surface can be adjusted so that you can create the perfect surface for cooking and accommodate uneven floors.
  • The fat management system has a large fat bucket that can be easily removed, cleaned, and substituted.
  • 6 unregulated heat distribution and custom cooking area burners.
  • For storing the grill accessories, two racks are in the cart.
  • Before cooking on the two metal side shelves you can find extra space to prepare your meals.
  • The drain hole is somewhat small and can easily be obstructed.
  • The top of the grill is not mounted on the side rack.
  • To prevent rust the grill needs a lot of maintenance.

3. Royal Gourmet Regal GB2000 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill Griddle, 22”

Royal Gourmet Regal GB2000 2-Burner Propane Gas Grill Griddle, 22'' L, Black

The Royal Gourmet Regal is unique in size and configuration. it is one of the best and easy grill/griddle It is a model with only two burners, 434 square inches Weight: 106.6 pounds Grilling Space: 584 square inches Propane-powered 360-degree locking casters cooking area, compared to most top gas grills on this list but it is so high in our list.

This figure is very important for the rest of us. The shelf is the IDEAL flat top grills if you have no space to spend a kitchen table like a barbecue, but you want a flat top grill and a gas griddle combo in all its advantages. Most flat cooking surface areas rather large, aimed at serving larger groups and maximizing efficiency. Also, This grill is great if you have a big family, but you don’t want to feed the whole block to ease this grill style.


Regarding specs, you’re getting 2 burners at 13,000 BTUs each, a pre-prepared surface, a 3.5mm thickness frying pan top, electronic start, and an all treated steel control board. The hardened steel tube burners convey heat equally and reliably for a strong cook.

The grill sits on top of a small steel cart with a lower rack to store essential elements, together with several tool hooks for your spaddles and pliers. Also, If you don’t have much space to spare and don’t have to cook for big groups, this is a very compact unit. the grilling surface is large and the cooking area is about 36 square inches. the stainless steel burners makes it the best flat top grills on the list and also it gives easy cooking an easy and cleaning.

  • The 2 cooking burners are independently controlled and allow for customized grilling.
  • The industrial strength wheels make this grill easy to maneuver around.
  • Foldable side shelves and compact size for a small footprint.
  • the gas grill Griddle surface comes pre-seasoned and ready for cooking.
  • The gas grill may be small but provides lots of storage space.
  • The drain hole is the size of a small coin slot and have easy gets clogged.
  • Assembly takes some time, not as easy compared to other gas griddle of the same size.

4. Char-Broil 4-Burner Liquid Propane Gas Griddle

Char-Broil 463377319 Performance 4-Burner Cart Style Liquid Propane Gas Grill, Stainless Steel

Char-Broil is king is a flat top gas grill. It should not surprise us, therefore, that this brand is also one of the best flat gas grills on this market. Also, The Char-Broil 4-Burner Liquid Gas Griddle is a versatile grid that would be a good chance to have any serious griller. Its 4 tube cooking burners are independently controlled and generate a maximum output of 40,000 BTUs.


The cooking area is 778 square inches made of stainless steel and is pre-seasoned. Folding metal and cast iron lateral racks provide additional space to work if necessary. And unlike many other grills/griddle, the drainage hole is large and cleaning is done by a removable front griddle grate vial.

As a bonus, you can adjust the height and guarantee a low cooking surface every time at every corner of the grid top.

  • The grease management system is one of the best in the market – easy and convenient to clean.
  • The large grilling cooking surface allows you to cook big batches of food.
  • The griddle top has adjustable screws to allow you to create a level cooking surface every time.
  • Independently controlled burners provide you with customized cooking zones.
  • Metal side shelves provide extra prep space but fold up for compact storage.
  • The unit is big and heavy; it is not easy to maneuver and storing this grills will require a lot of space.
  • The cooking top is constructed of standard steel which requires a lot of maintenance to prevent rust.
  • The control knobs feel a bit flimsy.

5. EVO Affinity 30G Series Built-in Grill B00545BMZI

EVO Affinity 30G Series Built-in Grill (10-0055-NG), Seasoned Steel Cooktop, Natural Gas

This grill or grills has one of the most remarkable plans that I have ever observed. It looks more like a little spaceship than terrace grills and it is kind of estimated like one as well. You’ll require a boundless spending plan for this one.

The EVO features a dual burners system on a 30-inch diameter cooktop. The cooking surface or grilling surface is as of now oil-prepared and prepared to shake whatever you toss on it. It is made of hardcore treated stainless steel development, so you can depend on it standing the trial of time. It additionally has a one-touch start framework and a propane tank coordinated into the lower truck.


The primary component that EVO offers over all others is that it gets extremely hot really quick. It likewise has two temperature controls one for within and another for the external territory of the round structure. It’s all the best innovation of the grilling world in one minor minimal outsider easy bundle.

  • The grill offers a wide range of temperatures from 225 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The seasoned grill plate has excellent heat retention.
  • The dual burners provide even heat distribution along the inner and outer edges of the plate.
  • The grease management system ensures that cleanup is easier.
  • The grill offers increased versatility, allowing you to cook a variety of foods in different ways
  • The grill is incredibly expensive.

Wrapping it up

You simply wrapped up a stunning feast on your cooking flat top grill for you and your family. Everybody adored your spread and can hardly wait until next time. What’s more, who could accuse them? With a flat-top grill, you can make an assortment of heavenly nourishments to suit each hunger. Table Top Grill is a portable grill with 260 square inches of cooking space. It’s very portable and makes a grill/griddle easy to make.

Shockingly, when the good times have come and gone, reality sets in. You can’t simply prepare nourishment on your flat top grill and let it go uncleaned. A ton of fixings has been cooking on your top grill, also all the seasonings and oil that you used to make your nourishment taste so incredible. in a quick time at a heat intensity of 12,000 BTUs also The tabletop system of this grill allows you to griddle.

The four-burner style will offer 13,000 BTUs in a single burner for 52,000 BTUs overall. some of the grill/griddle has inches Weight: 106.6 pounds Grilling Space: 584 square inches Propane-powered 360-degree locking casters

The entirety of that causes the development of oil, garbage, and nourishment recolors on your stainless steel burners surface. What’s more, on the off chance that you let this untruth, that development will solidify and begin adhering to the flat top grill.

Not exclusively will this make the flat top grill a lot harder to clean, it will influence the toughness of your flat top grill? Without legitimate consideration and upkeep, your flat top grill can rust, begin to chip or piece. It can even lose its non-stick surface. Also All the more significantly, the nourishment will begin cooking unevenly. The cooking flavor from the development will influence your nourishment, and not positively.