Can I Put My Bromeliad Plants Outside?

Can I Put My Bromeliad Plants Outside?

Bromeliad growers are usually enthusiastic about propagating a Bromeliad plant because of the potentials it possesses although the preference of environment poses to be a challenge.

Have you been considering planting your bromeliads outdoors and you have reservations? This guide answers your question and adds a cherry on top with a few list of things to consider when moving your bromeliads outside.

The bromeliad plant is just what you need to accentuate the beauty of your environment, keeping in mind that it also contributes to the wellbeing of your health as it possesses the unique quality of releasing oxygen and removing air pollutants at night. 

Can I Put My Bromeliad Plants Outside?

In choosing the perfect location for your bromeliad plant, knowing the exact variety of the plant is very important. Fortunately, most bromeliads plant do not need a perfect environment to survive so yes, you can put your bromeliad plants outside.

Although the original habitat of bromeliads is humid which means it thrives in wet or moist environments, bromeliads can be grown outside but certain measures have to be put in place to ensure it thrives.

What to Consider When Planting Bromeliads Outside

When planting outdoors, different considerations must be in mind to ensure the bromeliad thrives well.

1. Lighting

Bromeliads thrive best in a bright environment however they should not be directly exposed to sunlight as this can be detrimental to their growth; some species cannot successfully bloom in very hot conditions.

To keep it from direct sunlight, you may need shades. It is best to place your plants in between other plants and trees when planting outdoors to prevent them from direct sunlight and the scorching sun.

2. Temperature

Most bromeliads bloom in warm weather, however, if you reside in an extremely cold environment, it is important that you place your bromeliads in pots and then sinks them into the ground so, in extreme weather conditions or when freezing temperatures are predicted, you can pull the pots out of the ground and move them into a protected area as a bromeliad would most likely be harmed if it is exposed to freezing weather conditions

3. Humidity

Although bromeliads survive in humid environments, in a bid to provide a perfect environment for it, some growers may be going overboard in watering the plant which can make it swamped which is not appropriate for its thriving.

If you reside in an extremely cold environment, you would need to reduce the number of times, you water the plant. if the plant is watered too much in freezing weather, the water may turn to ice and it can be detrimental to the health of the plant.

4. Adequate drainage system

In keeping bromeliads outdoors, most times pots and containers would be used to provide the humid environment it thrives.

An adequate drainage system must be made for the pots to prevent the plants from being swamped. Holes can be drilled into plastic containers to drain off excess water that pulls up in the case of overwatering or heavy downpours.

5. Placement

It is best to place your bromeliad plant in containers or pots as they play an essential role in providing a proper drainage system and curtailing the spread of an infestation.  Also, using containers are helpful in freezing weather conditions as the pots can be easily moved to a protected area to prevent the weather from harming the plant.

Can I Put My Bromeliad Plants Outside?

Bromeliad Care Tips

1. Never use any kind of oils on bromeliads: Certain plant growers have been known to use organic oils like neem. Bromeliads are prone to suffocation when they come in contact with oil.

2. Except in extreme weather conditions: Never forget to put water in the plant cups as it serves as a reservoir for storing water and nutrients which is essential for its growth. If it lacks water, the leaves will curl which is a sign of decline and with time, the plant would die.

3. Prevent bugs from infesting your bromeliads as they inject toxins into the plant. Spraying your plants with water would knock off bugs. It is very important to see a professional grower before using insecticides.

4. If you are not comfortable with the state or needs of your bromeliad, see a professional grower.

With all of these measures and precautions, your favorite bromeliad is ready to bloom outdoors. Keeping bromeliads? Read the entire care and propagation guide here.