Misting Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants (All You Need To Know)

Misting Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants

Fiddle leaf fig is one of our most loved plants, as it is for a good number of people. We have discovered that the fiddle leaf fig is also top on the trendiest indoor plants and this is because of the plant’s elegance, and its large glossy leaves.

A lot of people love that the fiddle leaf fig brings in the tropical vibe when it is placed in a room. Although the fiddle leaf fig is such a beauty, we cannot ignore the truth that a lot of people find raising and caring for the fiddle, hard.

This is especially in the area of watering and providing humidity for the plant. Misting is one measure to increase humidity for your plant, however, what is misting? And how does it benefit the plant? Is it the best way to increase humidity for your plant? All of these questions will be answered in this article.

Humidity For Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Plants

For many tropical plants like the fiddle leaf fig, humidity is a necessity for their growth. Most of these plants enjoy being placed in average to high humidity and when this is not achieved, it impedes the plant’s growth and eventually causes its death.

In the tropical forest, the fiddle leaf fig gets about 75 to 90% humidity, however, your plant understands that it might be impossible for it to get up to that but, you should be able to provide humidity of 50 to 70% for your fiddle indoors.

This, however, doesn’t mean that you cannot keep the fiddle leaf fig if you live in a hot environment or during the winter season, it only means that you have to seek alternatives to increasing the humidity level in your house at these times.

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Apart from keeping the plant in locations with high humidity in your home i.e. the kitchen and bathroom, there are other ways to provide humidity for your plant and a notable one is misting.

Misting Explained

Misting is a temporary way of increasing humidity for your plant by sprinkling water on your plant from a canister or a spraying bottle. Misting a plant is often recommended if the humidity level in a home is not up to the required for the plant.

While there have been reports of how effective misting can be, there have also been reports of problems that showed up, as a result of misting. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of misting your fiddle leaf fig.

Advantages Of Misting Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

Here are some reasons why misting your fiddle leaf fig plants is a great idea.

  1. It is an easy way to add humidity to your plant; in fact, we consider it the easiest way.
  2. Apart from increasing humidity to your fiddle leaf fig, misting helps in cleaning the leaves of the plant. The leaves of the fiddle leaf fig are large and require proper cleaning. Misting does this, alongside providing humidity.
  3. Misting helps in keeping the pest away, especially when you add neem oil while misting.

Disadvantages Of Misting Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

Here are some reasons why misting your fiddle leaf fig plants might not be such a great idea.

  1. The fiddle leaf fig is quite sensitive to tap water, and this is a result of chlorine and other toxic minerals in it. If you mist your plant with tap water, there will be a buildup of these minerals on your plant and it will restrict your plant from retaining moisture. We recommend that you stop using regular tap water for your plant and instead make use of filtered water.
  2. Fungal and bacterial infections are dangerous to your fiddle leaf fig. misting helps in the spread of these infections if your plant has been infected before then. You can make use of insecticide to prevent infections of any kind.
  3. Keeping your plant wet for long, without providing adequate lighting will encourage a bacterial and fungal infection. Misting your plant when placed in the shade can result in a lot of damage; ensure to place your plant where it can receive bright, indirect light.

Alternatives To Providing Humidity For Fiddle Leaf Fig

Yes, Apart from misting, other alternatives can increase humidity in the home. They are explained below;

1. Pebble Trays

Providing a pebble tray is a known way of providing humidity for plants, it works well for your fiddles when they are young, it also has fewer chances of spreading bacteria. Peddle tray involves getting a wide tray or bowl, as long as it is wider than the bottom of your pot. Fill it with pebbles and water.

Place your plant’s pot on the tray, the water provides humidity or your plant, as it evaporates and travels upward.

Best Humidifiers For Grow Tent
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2. Get A Humidifier

A humidifier is an excellent way of providing humidity too, however, it involves spending money as it has to be purchased.

A humidifier reduces your plant’s chances of getting a fungal infection. Ensure to place your humidifier about 6 feet away from your plant. Here’s a list of the best humidifiers for houseplants we recommend.

Final Thoughts 

Misting your fiddle leaf fig has proven to be an effective way of creating humidity; however you have to pay close attention to your water and plant to get it right, else your plant might just suffer for it.

Misting is especially great for young fiddle leaf figs. In case you do not want to mist your plant, you can pick either of the other alternatives to increase humidity for your plant.

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