Easily Propagate Philodendron In Water

How To Easily Propagate Philodendron In Water

It is always the joy of every gardener to be able to propagate their plant, to keep it alive for a long time. However, not all plants can be propagated easily.

For some, there have to be some experiments done, and some propagation can be done in the easiest way and even by beginners. Philodendron is one of such plants that can be propagated in the easiest way, which is stem cutting. The stem cutting method of propagation can be divided into two, cutting in soil and cutting in water.

Although both sub-methods of stem cutting are easy, not all plants can be propagated in water, which to us seem to be the easiest. Good thing? The philodendron can be propagated in water. It is one of the rare houseplants that you can propagate in water.

Moving on, we will be showing you steps you need to take to easily propagate your philodendron plant in water. You do not have to worry; it is an easy process.

Benefits Of Propagating Philodendron In Water

Understanding the benefits of propagating your philodendron in water, gives your insight into what you stand to gain or achieve by using this method.

  1. Propagating in water saves you the stress of potting and repotting from different soils.
  2. It allows you to monitor the progress of your plant’s root. You can see as your plant develop its own root system.
  3. You are able to change the condition in which your plant is growing in when it is no more suitable.

Water Propagation Requirements

Although propagating philodendron in water is an easy task, it doesn’t happen without proper preparation and materials. This prepares your plants for a healthy start. Below are some of the needs for the process.

1. A Glass Or Container

Similar to picking the right pot size, the glass size you choose for your plant has to fit the size of the plant, location, etc. The size of your glass or container determines where it will be placed, it also must be fit for your plant. Choosing an attractive glass is important too, it complements your plant’s beauty.

2. Scissors or Shears

Scissors and shears are cutting tools that will help you make a precise and clean cut from your plant. Clean cuts are necessary because they protect your mother plant from damages that may have been caused by the cut. You must sterilize the cutting tool you will be using, to avoid spreading infections or contaminating the water or vine.  

3. Training Equipment

The common philodendron does not grow upright, it is a vine and since water may not be able to hold it or provide adequate support for it, it is recommended that you provide training tools to prevent your plant from falling off. These training tools include poles, hooks, strings, etc.  

4. Water

Plants like philodendron tend to draw their nutrients from the water. There must be enough water to keep the plant flourishing. Ensure the water in use does not contain chemicals that can harm your plant or impede its growth. You must also change the water regularly or when it becomes cloudy.  

5. Growing Conditions

This includes humidity, lighting, temperature, etc. All of these are important to the philodendron’s growth. When all these aren’t provided then you may be setting your plant up for an unsuccessful life. In propagating the philodendron, you have to be mindful of its growing conditions.

How To Get The Right Cutting

Getting the right cutting when propagating philodendron in water is so important, here’s how to start:

1. Select A Healthy Plant

The mother plant, from which you will be getting your cuttings from be healthy through and through. It must be free of diseases, pests, stunted growth, must be bright and lush. This will determine how its propagated version will grow.

2. A Mature Plant

This indicates that the plant must not be too young or too old. An old plant may not develop on time while a young plant may not grow due to the shock of detaching it from its mother plant. The right type is one that isn’t too young or old; this has the advantage of producing more sprouts and doing so faster.

3. A Clean-Cut

A clean-cut from a sterilized tool protects the plant from diseases or infections. Also, poor cutting can hinder the speed of the plant in developing its root and eventually lead to the death of the plant.

Steps to Propagate The Philodendron In Water

Steps to Propagate The Philodendron In Water

The following steps are to be followed to propagate the philodendron in water.

  1. Make a cutting of three to 5-inch long vine, from a healthy philodendron plant.
  2. Place the cutting into the vase or glass filled with warm water.
  3. Place the water under indirect light.
  4. Change the water constantly or when it is cloudy. It must stay fresh.
  5. Occasionally prune the plant to keep it in shape and size.

How To Care For Your Propagated Philodendron In Water

Although propagating in water is an easy task to perform, it is quite delicate. The water has to maintain the right conditions to grow properly. Below are some of the right conditions that should be provided for your philodendron in water.

1. Humidity

Due to its nature, the plant enjoys being placed in a high humidity environment. Being planted in water will solve part of that problem because you will not be required to mist the plant. In some other condition, growing pattern, you might be required to mist.

2. Temperature

Philodendron will thrive in warm areas, preferably with temperatures between 65 degrees F and 85 degrees. Although it can go lower, it must not go lower than 50 degrees F in winter or at night. The lower the temperature provided, the lower the growth of the plant. High temperatures will also leave your plant looking dull. There has to be a balance.  

3. Light

Philodendron enjoys being placed in bright, indirect light. It should be kept away from direct sunlight as this can burn the leaves and cause them to lose their beauty. The philodendron tends to bend towards the direction of light, it is recommended that you rotate it so all the sides can get light.

Philodendron plant Care Guide
Image: @eddows via Twenty20

4. Water quality

Due to the method of propagating, water quality is very germane. Natural water i.e. Rainwater is the perfect option to grow your philodendron. You can also make use of distilled water. Tap water contains chemicals like fluoride and chlorine and this will hinder your plant’s growth. Since your plant gets most of its nutrients from the water. It is important that you provide it the best type.

5. Fertilization

The philodendron will grow properly depending on the number of nutrients it is able to derive from the water. You may however feed your plant lightly with liquid fertilizer to enrich the water in which your plant is growing. However, you must not overfeed the plant as this can impede its growth of the plant. Preferably add a tiny drop when you change the water.

Final Thoughts

Propagating philodendron is one of the easiest methods to get more bush, it is also less stressful. Although propagated in water, you can still move the philodendron to the soil, your plant will grow healthily with the right conditions.

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