Best Humidifiers For Grow Tent

The Best Humidifiers For Grow Tent & Houseplants (2021)

Over the years, humidifiers have been used by many households for their benefit. It’s is also known to contribute to moisturizing skin and also reduce the chances of any skin problem. The purpose of a humidifier is to add moisture to the air and it is additionally great for balancing your room’s temperature for your plant’s benefits.

If you are looking for the best humidifier for grow tents and rooms then you definitely take more than a quick search on the internet. One of the challenges of growing a tent is humidity control and it’s going to take lots of effort to maintain the correct environment at all times.

The right humidity level is important for your plants, humidity fluctuating can affect the growth of your crops. Humidity levels also tend to vary from plant to plant hence you need the perfect one for grow tent and room.

The quest for a humidifier for a grow tent and room can be really overwhelming and it’s a constant struggle for growers. So, to help you choose the right one without breaking the bank, we have compiled a list of the best humidifiers to provide your plants the best environment.

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Uses Of Humidifiers For Grow Tent & Rooms

The benefits of a humidifier often depend on the type you go for. As a grower, you need to understand the importance of having the right humidity level to protect fattening buds and seedlings. Some of the benefits of having humidifiers in grow tents and rooms are listed below.

  • Marijuana plants tend to benefit from the constant moisture and warm temperatures which are sure to change as they grow but this is one of the reasons humidifiers are important.
  • Ir protects your future crops.
  • It helps plants during photosynthesis.
  • Help minimize the concentration of dust, bacteria, and other irritants.
  • Ensures clean air in a grow room.
  • Humidifiers may help relieve allergies.

These alone are a reason to go shopping for humidifiers like the toilet paper craze.

11 Best Humidifiers For Grow Tent & Rooms 2021

There are so many types of humidifiers in the market today but very few are actually designed with commercial-sized growing operations in mind.

Humidity is vital in helping every young plant thrive and keep in mind that different plants at different stages require different humidity levels. So, to help your young plants absorb water, here are some of the best humidifiers for grow tents & rooms 2021.

1. Homasy Cool Mist Humidifiers- Best Overall Humidifier


  • It features a dial knob that allows you to adjust the mist easily
  • It is designed with a low noise
  • Compact
  • Suitable for small grow rooms and tents


  • May not be suitable for larger rooms.

Homasy Cool Mist Humidifier is a 22dB whisper quiet humidifier. It has been designed for your grow rooms and tents without disturbing you. This humidifier features a 1.6 L water tank and sure to last up to 24 hours on the low mist hence you can have it run uninterrupted overnight.

Why we recommend it: If you are on the lookout for an affordable and highly beneficial humidifier for your plants then Homasy Cool Mist Humidifier is worth investing in. With careful evaluation, this has been chosen as the best overall not for how affordable it is but the quality it has to offer. It is also very convenient to clean and that is something we all love.

Many reviews described this humidifier as really unique as it helps to keep the water dispersed germ-free and we must say the triple protection that comes with it does give the owner some peace of mind.

No matter the level of humidity you will like to achieve, this has surely got you covered. You can also have it used in your living room and bedroom as well. So as long as humidity is concerned, this is one humidifier that sure got you covered.

2. Honeywell Top Fill Cool Mist Humidifiers- Best Humidifier For Large Rooms

Best Humidifier For Large Rooms


  • Automatically shuts down when the tank is empty
  • Up to 36 hours of operation
  • It features variable output settings
  • Reduces static electricity
  • Certified as easy and safe to use
  • Helps improve breathing comfort


  • Frequent cleaning is needed
  • Filters need to be replaced often.

This is an ultra-quiet humidifier is one you should definitely consider investing in for your grow tents and rooms. According to its name, it’s designed to be easy to fill, use, and clean. It can be filled easily from the top and ideally suitable for medium and large rooms.

Why we recommend it: One of the benefits of humidifiers is to help calm irritated skin and this is one of the reasons this humidifier is recommended. If you do have collections of plants the do better in high humidity then this humidifier will sure come in handy. It is designed to provide cool moisture for a large grow tent, home, bedroom and it can also help you get a good night’s sleep when the air is dry.

With a Honeywell humidifier, you can easily get your grow room temperature under control thereby helping your seedlings thrive. One of the amazing features of this humidifier is its wide tank opening and handle which makes cleaning and carrying very convenient.

Although this is a bit pricey compared to other humidifiers experts consider it a worthy investment. The users of this humidifier do have a lot of good things to say about it, they also claim it is long-lasting and quite easy to use. These are things we must admit get’s us when it comes to humidifiers.

Some users however claim the UV light stopped working after some time however this does not limit its effectiveness.

3. Vick’s Warm Mist Humidifiers- Best Warm Mist Humidifier

Best Warm Mist Humidifier for Grow Tent


  • The unit is easy to use and maintain
  • Almost noiseless
  • Can run for 24 hours straight
  • Works fore regular and indoor use
  • Helps the plants breathe easier


  • Needs thorough cleaning to keep it working
  • Not the ideal humidifier to go within summer.

Here is another smart humidifier with a 1-gallon tank capacity that helps you keep the temperature of your grows tent ambient. Vick’s Warm Mist Humidifier makes use of a simple technique to boil water in the tank and this vapor, in turn, mixes with air in the cooling chamber and sends off a warm mist into the air.

Why we recommend it: When it comes to warm humidifiers, this happens to be a favorite. You do not have to worry about changing filters with this unit as it doesn’t use any. Another feature you are sure going to love about it is the large 3.7ltr tank which allows it to run for 12 hours before the next refill.

This humidifier is quite easy to assemble and it’s perfect if you are on the lookout for a humidifier for winter. It is sure to provide enough humidity to the grow tent and this is where your Vick’s warm mist humidifier is expected to help with that in winter. It doesn’t drop the temperature like a cold mist humidifier would have done winter.

4. TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifiers- Best Value Grow Room Humidifier

Best Value Grow Room Humidifier


  • Designed with automatic shut off
  • Good packaging
  • Long-lasting and runs very quietly
  • Three humidity level


  • Filter doesn’t work in filtering minerals from water.

TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifiers is quite petite but very powerful and perfect for a large group room. It features an LED display for instant information and also a large litter capacity. It is an ideal humidifier for growing rooms, tents, bedrooms, and living rooms. This is a great choice of humidifier if you are trying to increase humidity level for your plants without upsetting your everyday plan.

Why we recommend it: Users of this humidifier can’t stop singing its praise and we also think it’s an investment worth making. This is one smart humidifier for any kind of grow room. It works for 12 to 13 hours on a stretch which is the perfect choice if your grow room is within the size range of 107 to 322 square feet.

Choosing the best humidifier can be a bit overwhelming hence you should be aware of what each is good for. It has a dustproof sponge that will help prevent the entrance of dust into the base of the device and also a built-in informative LED display which means you can easily choose between the three mist.

The life span of this might actually depend on the level of mist you are dealing with but a lot of its user’s comment on it’s having a satisfactory and lasting duration.

5. Geniani Cool Mist Humidifier- Best Ultrasonic Humidifier

Best Ultrasonic Humidifier For Grow Tents


  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Designed with auto shut off when the tank is empty
  • Lasts up to 18 hours
  • 38 dB noise level
  • Affordable compare to other larger humidifiers
  • Helps with the relief of allergies and cough


  • It requires regular cleaning as it may be prone to molding.

The Geniani Cool Mist Humidifier might be the perfect humidifier for your plants and babies. You can easily maintain a healthy humidity level with this product and it is also very easy to operate. This lightweight humidifier comes with mist mode which is intermittent and continuous. Both can change the environmental humidity easily.

Why we recommend it: Humidifiers should not only keep the air in your grow tent and room healthy and clean but also help soothe itchy and irritated skin. The Geniani cool mist humidifier is an ultrasonic humidifier that doesn’t use heat and is quiet. It is the perfect choice for any environment and one of the reasons for choosing this is the compact design.

This humidifier can help you maintain a healthy automatic humidity environment. It is a 2 in 1 humidifier and diffuser which also makes cleaning and refilling very easy. It is also suitable for babies as it comes with an additional soothing LED night light that can help children fall asleep.

If you are looking to change your current model of humidifier to one with more features then this might be worth considering. It delivers up to 8 hours of runtime with no maintainace requirement.

6. AquaOasis Cool Mist Humidifier- Best Budget Humidifier for Growth Tents

Best Budget Humidifier for Growth Tents


  • Gives fast relief from cough
  • Operation can last longer than 24 hours
  • No filter needed, simply water
  • Designed with automatic shut off
  • Comes with cleaning brush


  • Works best with distilled water
  • Some may find it slighly noisy.

AquaOasis cool mist humidifier is perfect for your grow room. It is great for small and large rooms but mostly ideal for large rooms. If you are looking to eliminate te effect of dry air then this is the most sought out humidifier in the market.

Why we recommend it: After lots of consideration, this has been picked for how long it claims to last without the need to attend to it every few minutes. It is designed with a 360-degree rotating nozzle so you can easily control and customize the mist output and the flow direction. Everyone loves humidifiers that are easy to use and this one does just that.

This is designed with no filter and it can keep your room humidifier chugging for longer than 24 hours with little to no disturbance at all. There are lots of amazing reviews concerning this product and not to forget it comes with an impressive 2.2L water tank.

There are lots of things to consider before picking any humidifier and one notable one is how long the humidifier can run before needing a refill. AquaOasis humidifiers are built to last for a very long while and cleaning is fairly easy as well.

7. Crane Drop Ultrasonic Humidifier- Best Cool Moisture Humidifier For Grow Tents

Best Cool Moisture Humidifier For Grow Tents


  • Tank is easy to refill
  • 24 hour run time
  • Offers soothing relief to plants and humans
  • One gallon-sized tank
  • Safe and secure to use


  • Not perfect for use within summer.

Crane Ultrasonic Cool mist humidifier is made with variable output settings that sets it apart from other humidifiers. It also helps with reducing the amount of mold and bacteria growth bu 99.96%. It sure comes with lot’s great features but below are some of the ones that made it highly recommended.

Why we recommend it: This is the ideal humidifier to go for if you need humidity in a large grow room. Although this might not be sufficient for covering a tent for up to 30 hours it’s a model worth the investment. It also offers variable output settings and apart from the humidity it provides, it also helps purify the water put into the tank.

Although to ensure safety, it is programmed with auto-off features. So, you get to save some electricity when the water level is low as the auto feature helps turn off the device.

Crane’s humidifier is also very easy to clean which is another interesting feature to watch out for in any humidifier. As long you are using regular soft water with this humidifier then you have nothing to worry about.

8. Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier- Best Rated Humidifier For Grow Rooms

Best Rated Humidifier For Grow Rooms


  • Can run for 50 hours at a stretch
  • Suitable for large rooms
  • Keeps the air safe and fresh
  • The noise level stays under untrasonic
  • Comes with a freally large tank


  • Produces white dust when used with tap or hard water.

Everlasting Comfort cool mist humidifier is made for growers who have a large grow tent. One of its notable features is keeping humidity level over 43% and it’s made for a large space. This humidifier automatically shuts off when it’s out of water thereby saving electricity and help prevent damages to the unit.

Why we recommend it: This is one of the highly recommended humidifiers for a large grow tent. We have this picked for those who would like humidifiers with numerous benefits. It is designed with an essential oil tray to give you an aromatherapy experience. You don’t also have to worry about replacing filters every couple of months as it comes with none.

This unique humidifier gives your plants the level of humidity they need while emitting your favorite aromas. You can rest assured of having a good night’s sleep with this humidifier in your bedroom. The mist output rate is 270 ml per hour hence you can be sure it can cover a grow room of 400 square feet of the ground.

9. MegaWise Cool Mist Humidifiers- Best Humidifier For Plants

Best Humidifier For Plants


  • Fights dry skin, wrinkles, sore throat, and insomnia
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Designed with a diffuser
  • Easy to fill
  • Safe and convenient


  • Run time is low.

It’s okay to look for a more convenient and affordable humidifier for your grow tent and room. This humdifioer offers you extra relief with the essential oil diffuser that comes with it.

Why we recommend it: Every humidifier has a reason for standing out with this one, it’s the oil diffuser. This is a 2 in 1 cool mist humidifier that provides your plants with the level of humidity needed. This unique humidifier also possesses flexible and easy-to-control settings.

Some of its benefits include: relieving allergies, soothe a sore throat, enhances your sleep, humidifies plants, moisturizes your skin, and clear sinuses. You don’t need to be an expert grower to operate this humidifier.

10. Levoit Cool Mist Humidifiers- Best Winter Humidifier For Grow Tents

Best Winter Humidifier For Grow Tents


  • Easy to refill and maintain
  • safe and spill proof water tank
  • Filter free humidifier
  • Operates on a low noise
  • Oil diffuser


  • Oil essence is not included.

Levoit Cool Mist Humidifier has been a favorite for many growers and it’s capable of humidifying a small and a large space. This product has the ability to provide 300ml of water and covert to mist in less than an hour, Fast run time is always a great feature to look out for when buying humidifiers for grow room.

Why we recommend it: If your grow tent is placed near your outdoor patio or your bedroom then you do need a humidifier with a whisper-quiet operation and this is why we recommend Levoit Cool Mist Humidifier. This product has various speed settings that allow you set the right level of humidity for your plants.

Another interesting feature is Aromatherapy. You can easily have it used in your living room or bedroom to help you relax your mind and body while moisturizing your skin as well. If you are thinking of how easy it will be to operate then the good news is, it’s very easy and safe to operate.

Levoit Cool Mist Humidifier is designed to last up to 40 hours on a low setting and we must say that’s quite a very long time. Another cool and really smart feature is that you can connect it to your Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control.

11. Kyvol Vigoair HD3 Humidifier- Best Durable Humidifier For Grow Tents

Best Durable Humidifier For Grow Tents


  • Automatic shut off feature
  • Compact design
  • Coverage of up to 430 square ft
  • Waterproof base
  • Dustproof sponge filter


  • Refilling takes time and may require energy.

Kyvol Vigoair HD3 Humidifier is highly suitable for moisture-loving plants. It enhances the growth of your plants while operating quietly at 26 dB. This ultrasonic is ideal for large grow rooms and it’s also a great choice for your baby’s nursery and kid’s room.

Why we recommend it: After some careful evaluation, this is surely a great investment for your grow room. It can offer your plants a high level of humidity and also help you breathe easier. You can also prevent your wooden furniture from cracking and shrinking with the humidification from this unit.

Although refilling might require some energy due to the 4.5 L large tank but with the 75 hour run time then it’s sure worth it. The automatic shut-off is also one of its special features, it prevents it from overheating and keeps your humidifiers working safely.

Its compact design is also found to be commendable as you can easily have it included in your house decor. It can improve the humidity level in a dry environment but you have to set the mist based on the area of coverage.

Types Of Humidifiers

Humidifiers are often popular during the summer months but before investing in any humidifiers, you should know there are different types with different benefits.

Most people choose their choice of humidifier based on the weather condition although most humidifiers have the same basic functions there are many types of humidifiers available for you. 

1. Cool Mist Humidifiers

Humidifiers are created to add moisture to the air and cool mist humidifiers do just that and it’s great for soothing your cough. If you are suffering from congestion or the air in your room is too dry then a cool-mist humidifier can add the needed moisture to the air. 

Cool mist humidifiers are perfect choice for warmer climates and its’ considered to be the safest for babies. Here are some of the pros and cons of cool mist humidifiers. This humidifier is also considered very easy to clean and affordable compared to other types of humidifiers. 


  • Emit cool vapor that makes it safe for children and pets
  • You can add an inhalant to cool mist if you are your kids are suffering from cold and flu 
  • Affordable
  • Safe for everyday use if you suffer from asthma and allergies
  • Little maintenance and cleaning required.


  • Failure to do routine cleanup can cause bacterial build-up and contamination.
  • Operating humming noise.
  • Mineral dust and accumulation may occur from water filtration.

2. Evaporative Humidifiers

Evaporative humidifiers are definitely great at keeping the air around you clean. This type of humidifier produces humidity by using water, it uses a fan to speed up the evaporation of water and they are very similar to cool mist humidifiers. This humidifier is a low maintenance and affordable humidifier. 

It is described more as a wick humidifier that makes use of a fan to circulate humidity. They are portable and self regulating which means they are designed to adjust humidity levels automatically. 

The water from this humidifier is not heated so there is also the risk of bacterial contamination. However because they do not generate heat, they are safe for use in homes. 


  • Low maintenance and easy cleaning.
  • Self-regulating.
  • Affordable.
  • No risk of boiling water or hot surface which makes it safe for kids.


  • Tend to be a bit noisy.
  • Mineral dust accumulation.
  • Larger and bulkier.
  • Bacterial contamination.
Humidifier and flower Chamaedorea in a pot on the window.
Image: Envato Elements

3. Ultrasonic Humidifiers

If you are in search of a simpler humidifier then ultrasonic humidifiers are considered the best option. They have recently been introduced to the market but are fast gaining popularity. Most people go for this humidifier due to its low operating noise.

It produces water vapour through high frequency vibrations which creates water droplets that are added to the air. 

Ultrasonic humidifiers use very little energy and some models are designed to use a heater to raise the mist temperature but they are not warm mist humidifiers. They are also the ideal choice for your kid’s bedroom if they are easily distracted by increased noise.


  • Easy to clean and less maintenance required.
  • Operates noiselessly.
  • No hot surface or water to worry about which eliminates burn risk.
  • Consume less electricity.
  • Good for asthma.


  • Expensive compared to other humidifiers.
  • Can cause mineral dust accumulation.

4. Warm Mist Humidifiers

While all humidifiers are known for treating cold and flu, warm mist humidifiers are more effective for it during the cold climates. It actually works to heat the water in order to create a vapour which is cooled prior to getting released. 

The heating process used by warm humidifiers decreases the chance of bacterial contamination and is similar to cool mist but in terms of price, warm humidifiers are a bit more expensive due to their filtration system. 

Warm mist humidifiers are not ideal for use in children’s rooms as the heated water can cause a safety risk for kids. 


  • Can reduce mineral dust accumulation.
  • Inhalants can be added in treating cold and flu.
  • The heated water can cut down on microorganism growth.
  • Quiet operation.


  • More expensive to run.
  • Difficult to clean.
  • Not suitable for children to risk of burn.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Humidifier For Grow Tent & Rooms in 2021

After knowing what humidifiers can do for grow tent then you definitely think of getting one but before doing this, we implore you to go through our list of crucial factors to guide you.

1. Humidity settings

The misting settings or the humidity settings are very important aspects of any humidifier. These settings will decide how much the area can be humidified and if you want faster humidification, you have to choose a humidifier with higher settings such as 300 ml of water per hour. Choose lower settings for a smaller room.

2. The size of the tank

The size of the tank is another factor to remember. Every humidifier comes with a water tank and it is vital to know how much water it can hold in its container before purchasing. If the size of the gallon is small, you might need to replace its water every 12 to 16 hours. However some models are built with up to 6 liters of tank water size and for those, the water changing frequency is less.

3. Safety features

Safety features are essential in any humidifier. What usually comes as a source of concern is the auto shut-off. If this safety feature is included, it can easily detect the humidity level and shut off automatically when it’s damp enough.

4. Coverage area

The coverage area is the size of the room you need the humidifier to cover. The coverage area depends on two things which are the device’s run time and the humidification rate. If you are growing a tent room then it’s best to look for a humidifier that can cover 100 square feet area and for larger size tent and grow rooms, a model that can cover 600 square feet.

Best Humidifier For Grow Tent FAQs

Let us know in the comments section if you have more questions on the humidifiers to buy for your grow tent.

Do plants need warm mist or cool mist humidifier?

A cool-mist humidifier is fine for your plants but the factors to consider before choosing a warm or cool mist are the season and area. Plant require warmth for growth so it really doesn’t matter if it’s a warm or a cool mist. Some plants need a higher level of humidity to grow well so warm mist might be great but keep in mind that cold mist is a little bit more cost-efficient.

Is it safe to use a humidifier in a grow tent?

Some plants get to stages where they need humidity to enable them to thrive and as long as you are using a humidifier with safety features it’s safe for use in a grow tent.

How much humidity should be in a grow tent?

High humidity in a grow room is not needed hence the ideal humidity level is around 45% to 75% for crops. The humidity level also depends on the type of species you are cultivating.

What happens if humidity is too low in grow room?

If the humidity level in your grow room is too low, your plant won’t be able to keep up with the humidity loss and it can lead to dampness and your plants might suffer a growth halt. Your plants are going to lose nutrients if the humidity level is low.

Do plants need humidity at night?

Absolutely! Plants tend to prefer higher humidity at night but should not be higher than 75%.

Where to put the humidifier in a grow tent or room?

If your humidifier has multiple vents on its sides and if the humidifier comes with a 360-degree nozzle then it should be placed in the center of the grow room.

Does putting a bowl of water humidify a room?

Some growers did recommend this but it definitely won’t a moderate or barely noticeable humidity for your plants. Putting a bowl of water will humidify a room but at a very slow rate.

Is 60 humidity too high for flowering?

60 humidity is fine if your ventilation is good but if it’s not then running 60% is getting close to a mold risk.

How much water can a humidifier mist in a day?

The amount of water a humidifier can mist in a day depends on the humidifying capacity. Some models can mist up to 2L of water in 24 hours.

Is it bad to use tap water in a humidifier?

You shouldn’t use tap water in a humidifier. It’s best to always go for distilled, demineralized, or purified water so as to ensure, you are breathing in fresh humidified water.

Wrapping Up

Growing indoor plants often means you need a grow tent or room and not to forget a humidifier. Humidifiers in your grow tent can aid vigorous plants although most gardeners think plants are always in constant battle with humidity, this is essential in regulating humidity level. With this buying guide, you can easily choose the best and easier to operate humidifier.