The Best Watering Cans For Indoor Plants And Herbs

The Best Watering Cans For Indoor Plants And Herbs (2021)

Do you need a watering can for your indoor plants? Your indoor plants definitely deserve the best and a watering can ensure they get a basic watering.

Although watering might not be necessary, it helps ensure the plants are well-targeted. While watering with a drinking glass might work in a pinch but the lack of a targeted flow will only end up on the floor and this is where a watering can is needed.

Whether you want to keep it simple or go with a big bold colorful watering can, there is always something for you. There are different types of watering cans to choose from and each type of watering can is fashioned to attend to different plant’s needs.

If you have a delicate seedling among your indoor plants then you need to go for a gentle watering sprayer such as a watering can. Lots of plants do not need to be watered often but when they finally need water, you need to be careful to feed them enough and not too much either.

Most indoor plants are a little temperamental and you need to be extremely careful when watering them. Forget to water them and they are likely to turn brown or shed leaves. Overwater them and these indoor plants are sure to have rot roots. Hence, we have compiled the best watering cans for your indoor plants.

Types Of Watering Can

There are different types of watering cans with different nozzles and necks. and the one you choose to go for will depend on the plants and the method needed to deliver water.

The style of the watering can you choose to go for also depend on the plant size and if you have a certain design in mind. There is no right or wrong watering can, just choose the one you find suitable for your indoor plants.

1. Plastic

Plastic watering can tend to be a bit expensive compared to other types of watering cans. However, it’s the most popular type of watering can and with proper care, it lasts longer and it’s sturdy. Most plastic watering cans are also versatile and are made of strong consistent material.

Plastic watering cans also lightweight and easy to tote. Unlike other types of watering cans, plastic won’t rust and ensure to have it cleaned regularly to prevent any bacterial growth.

2. Metal

The metal watering can are the second popular watering can type and they are quite charming and quaint. Metal cans last longer too provided that you have them galvanized and resist rust.

3. Galvanized Steel

This is mostly the ideal watering can for outdoor gardening, it is considered to last longer than tin watering can. This watering can can withstand water, rain and other elements that might cause other watering cans to rust.

Other types of watering cans you can consider include: stainless steel, copper and brass watering cans.

10 Best Watering Cans For Indoor Plants And Herbs

If you are a dedicated parent gardener that is all about watering your indoor plants and herbs the right way then you do need the best watering cans. Most herbs need to be watered often especially during extreme heat or drought conditions and it might be best to choose watering cans that water them conveniently. Hence, we have rounded up the 10 best watering cans for indoor plants and herbs.

1. WhaleLife Indoor Watering Can- Best Overall


  • Large water storage capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for porch plants and herbs
  • A narrow spot for good control of water.


  • Not safe for hot water or warm water wash

WhaleLife Indoor watering can is specifically designed for all kinds of indoor plants. This is one beautiful watering can every gardener find comfortable to use, it comes with a large storage capacity which can help reduce the trouble of frequent irrigation and also lengthen the spout thereby making it easy to water your plants. This type of watering can is plastic but surprisingly very durable.

This model is however small and might not be ideal for a large outdoor garden but definitely worth investing in for an indoor garden. WhaleLife recommends not using corrosive spray on it as this may damage the kettle.

2. Novelty Pearl Indoor Watering Can- Best Budget


  • Affordable
  • Can hold a large gallon of water
  • Durable
  • Impact resistance plastic
  • Comfortable to use.


  • Spout tip can cause water to spill.

Spending too much on a watering can might not be on your priority list right now hence if you are on the lookout for something within budget then this Novelty Pearly Watering Can do just fine. This is another common plastic watering can for indoor plants and herbs.

Customers describe this as portable and efficient for indoor plants. Although the spout is too low and it can cause water to spill if not tilted properly but the can works great for the price it offers.

3. Hortican Galvanized Watering Can- Best Galvanized Watering Can


  • Multi-Functional
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable tubular handle
  • Easy to handle for spritzing small plants and herbs.


  • The handle is not designed to hold a large capacity of water.

Hortican Galvanized watering can is made of metal to enable it last longer and give your plants great spritzing at any time of the day.

According to reviews from customers, it’s a great size for indoor plants and herbs that like being watered frequently. This watering can make sure your indoor plants get the moisture they need and with its elegant design, it can be a great gift to anyone with an indoor garden.

4. Quilebi Watering Can- Most Versatile


  • Suitable for outdoor and indoor plants
  • Detachable convertible nozzle
  • Great for hard to reach plant and herbs areas
  • Lightweight.


  • None that we could find.

If you are on the lookout for a watering can that can be used for your indoor and outdoor plants then you should give Quilebi Watering Can a chance.

This watering can come with a detachable shower nozzle that makes it pretty versatile, hence it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants. The removable cap spout also makes it ideal for spraying vulnerable plants.

5. Union Watering Can With Tulip Design- Best Value


  • Ideal for vulnerable plants
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Balanced handle design.


  • Small channel for water release
  • Poor customer service.

Many gardeners prefer a small watering can that gives their indoor plants and herbs enough water to drink. This watering can is quite portable and it provides your plants with more of a shower stream than a sprout which is okay if you watering vulnerable and smaller plants. The water channel is considered too slow for large plants but it’s perfect for smaller and delicate herbs.

Union Tulip Watering can come in five different colors and you can go for the green color if you want it to blend in with your plants. This model comes in 1 and 2-gallon sizes so you can choose based on how many and herbs you have.

6. Bloem Aqua Rite Watering Can- Best Size


  • Comfortable and easy-to-use handle
  • Thin spout that allows easy viewing of the water level in the can
  • Ideal for indoor plants and herbs
  • Designed to prevent spill
  • Long stem spout that controls water flow.


  • The size is really small and ideal for small plants

If you are seeking a small cute watering can that attends to all your plants watering needs then the Bloem Aqua Rite watering can is worth considering.

This watering can is designed basically for comfort and it can be used conveniently by kids. It is the best option for kids who like watering the plants and it’s really affordable as well.

7. Rain Maker Watering Can- Heavy Duty Watering Can


  • Durable
  • Ideal for large indoor and outdoor garden
  • Large capacity
  • Heavy duty watering can.


  • The weight can be quite heavy for a smaller person when filled to the brim.

Indoor watering can are often best to be small but for a large indoor garden, you need a watering can that takes care of your plants and herbs at once.

This watering can is not the most beautiful in the market but it is a great option if you have a large indoor garden and the plastic is also claimed to be thick and durable.

8. IKEA Watering Can- Best Rated


  • Sleek and functional design
  • Ideal for hard to reach plants
  • Does not cause water to drip.


  • This is quite small for larger plants.

This watering can be said to be really beautiful and the artistic design makes it great not just for indoor plants and herbs but can be used as a gift as well. IKEA is well known for its minimalist Scandinavian design and this is one that definitely stands out. The model is made of galvanized steel which provides it good protection from rust.

The opening at the top of this watering can make it suitable for use as a vase or pitcher when you don’t need it for watering your plants. It is not just perfect as an indoor watering can but also look great as decor.

9. Elegant Watering Can For Indoor Plants- Best Multipurpose


  • Safe for herbs and veggies
  • Can be used at home, office or outdoor garden
  • The handle is not slippery and very convenient to use
  • Affordable.


  • None that we could find.

This is one watering can you will love to buy, its design is quite different from the ones listed above but it’s very efficient. This model resembles a piece of abstract artwork and it’s’ going to make a great addition to your indoor garden as the narrow spouts allow water to be directed exactly where you need it to be. It is also very safe to be used in watering your herbs and vegetables.

The handle of this watering can is designed so you can conveniently hold it in one hand without it hurting or cramping your hands. Customers also claim the hole at the top is open but you can fill it up and it won’t leak. Additionally, the sturdy bottom makes it easy to place on the floor, desk or shelf.

10. Cado Union Watering Can- Best For Kids


  • Cute design that makes watering plants fun
  • Made from plastic that is resistant to the weather
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for vulnerable herbs and plants.


  • Water is likely to get stuck at the feet of the Elephant and will need to be tilted

Every watering can design has what makes it stand out and with this model, it’s the simple artistic Elephant design. Watering your indoor plants can be another way to get the kids busy and this is the perfect watering can for that, it is not just cute but very easy to use.

The spout is designed to look like an elephants trunk and with this long spout, you can easily get the required water into bigger pots.

This watering can hold approximately half a gallon of water which is ideal for gardeners who have indoor plants and herbs that don’t need much water. It only holds 2 quarts hence it’s light enough for your kids to carry but you might need to refill it a few times if you have lots of plants and herbs.

Things To Consider When Choosing Watering Can For Indoor Plants And Herbs

If you want to water your indoor plants with ease and prevent them from wilting from lack of water then you need to choose a watering can that ensures water gets to the right place. It’s okay if you want a pretty and practical watering can but choosing one that suits your plants can be overwhelming. However, to make it easy for you, here are simple basic things you need to consider.

  • Weight: Water can be heavy and since you are using this indoor, you should avoid a heavier watering can. The watering can is best to be made from lightweight material so it’s won’t become heavier after adding water in and not make watering your plants challenging.
  • Spout: Another very important factor is the spout. The length and width of the spout you choose will depend on the type of plants you are watering. A longer spout will be ideal for plants on a window sill or ledge and larger plants that don’t need lots of water will need a sprinkler spout.
  • Balance: How balanced the watering can is when it’s holding water and when it’s not is also very essential. Choose a watering can that stays balanced even when the water in its is depleted and when it’s empty, it shouldn’t be easy to tip over either.
  • Size: The size of the indoor watering can you choose is what considering as well. The size of the can you choose should depend on how many plants you have to water, If you have fewer plants then you need a small watering can but for lots of plants, look for a large watering can so you can water them all at once.


Do I really need a watering can?

The simple answer is no and this is because you can easily use a chamber pot or wine glass to water your plants if you wish. However, watering can come in really handy if you have plants on porches, balconies or rooftops in a case where you don’t have a hose spigot.

How do I clean my watering can?

To clean the inside of a watering can pour a mixture of light bleach and baking soda diluted with water. Cover all the holes or let it sit overnight for the best result. Rinse very well and let it dry.

Are copper watering cans good for plants?

Copper watering cans can be damaging to plants when they start to rust. A high level of copper can be toxic to your plants.

Are watering cans necessary?

Watering cans are not entirely necessary but they can make lots of things easier and less messy for you. Using a drinking glass to water your plants might not target the plants properly and get water all over the floor and this is where watering cans come in.

Are metal watering cans better than plastic?

Metal watering cans tend to last longer than plastic but only if they are galvanized and resists rust. Although metal watering cans are durable, they are also quite heavier to haul around compared to plastic watering cans.

Are plastic watering cans good for plants?

A plastic watering can is the best choice for lots of people especially if you are going for lightweight and affordable. It is durable and doesn’t rust.

How do you know if you are over-watering your plants?

If your plants are over-watered, they are likely to develop brown or yellow leaves and it feels soft and limp. Other common signs of over-watering to look out for slow stunted growth or if the soil looks wet while the plant is wilting.

Wrapping Up

Choosing a watering can have become quite challenging compared to the good old days where they are just basic watering cans.

But now there are so many options in the market. It is important to carefully choose a watering can for your herbs as most require lots of water and your choice of the watering can determine how much water they get.

Whether you are looking to water your indoor plants and herbs or simply looking for a decorative watering can ensure to keep the basic needs of your plants and herbs in mind and choose one that can be useful for a variety of situations.