How Often Should Tomato Plants Be Watered?

How Often Should Tomato Plants Be Watered?

How much water does a tomato plant need? How you water your tomato is key to growing a healthy tomato, it can be incredibly rewarding when your tomatoes are taken care of the right way and there are common mistakes that need to be avoided, one of which includes how you water your tomatoes.

Before you water your tomatoes, it is essential that you check your soil moisture and in general, the key to growing successful tomatoes is to learn how much and often watering your tomato is like too much water can cause the plant to drown, and too little can cause blossom end rot.

Tomatoes are the most popular vegetables to grow in the home garden and with the right, sowing, growing, and caring tips, you can grow healthy tomatoes with ease, and tomatoes are sun lovers, they require full sun.

The trick to growing a healthy tomato is to choose the best variety and the next step is where to plant it and tips to care for it in order to get a great tasting tomato.

It shouldn’t be a problem getting tasty, juicy, tangy aromatic and blemish-free tomatoes with the right growing tips and watering is an important process when growing any vegetable.

Read on to get an answer to your question on how often your tomatoes need to be watered.

How often should tomatoes be watered?

How often your tomato is watered depends on a lot of things such as the weather, wind, heat, the size of the pot, humidity, and the kind of potting soil you use will affect the amount of water your tomato require however you should water regularly and deeply while the fruits are developing, irregular watering during this period like missing a week and trying to make up for it can lead to blossom rot, splitting and cracking.

Water newly planted tomatoes daily to keep the soil moist and ideal for growing and as the temperature increases, you might need to water your tomatoes twice a day.

What are the signs of overwatering tomato plants?

How Often Should Tomato Plants Be Watered?

You shouldn’t withhold water from your tomatoes but you should also avoid overwatering it, if you have overwatered your tomatoes, the plants will be shown with wilted leaves and stem that are discolored in brown or yellow might start to fall off and if the overwatering continues, the bumps or blisters on the leaves turn corky and the root might eventually rot and die.

Tips For Growing Great Tomatoes

Growing great tomatoes is a reward in itself and they do amazingly well in warmer soils however this is not all it needs to grow great tomatoes and to prevent rot but you can master growing great tomatoes with these simple gardening tips:

  • Provide your tomatoes with lot’s of sunlight
  • Start with healthy soil
  • Water your tomatoes thoroughly and deeply from the roots
  • When growing tomatoes in a container, give it a strong stricture to grow beside
  • Choose a spot with good air circulation
  • Do rotate your crop, ensure to move the area where you plant your tomatoes to another spot every three years or so.


Stop watering tomatoes mid to late summer, this will help prevent overwatering them, and just like every other plant, it is possible to give your tomatoes more water than they actually need and when this happens, you should move your tomatoes to a shady area and create additional air space around the roots and in addition, water only when the soil is dry to the touch.

Make it a point to water your tomatoes during dry hot spells at least 1 inch of water per week and they may need more if they start to look wilted in the day, you might need to have this increased to twice in a day.