Are Dishwashing Gloves Recyclable?

Are Dishwashing Gloves Recyclable?

Dishwashing gloves have sort of become a huge topic these days with more and more people discovering how easier it makes doing the dishes and cleaning other aspects of the house.

The protection these gloves offer the hand and how much it enhances cleaning cannot be overemphasized. Now when it comes to these things, if you’re the type that cares about the environment, you may have some questions like Are dishwashing gloves recyclable? or reusable. We answered that question in this guide.

Some dishwashing gloves are recyclable and some aren’t. In this guide, we’ll be discussing the two main types of dishwashing gloves, which is not recyclable and why it isn’t, and which is recyclable, and why it is.

Types of dishwashing gloves and what makes them different

The two main types of dishwashing gloves are Latex gloves and Rubber gloves.

What makes these two dishwashing gloves different you might ask. Well, in simple words, while latex refers to the liquid form, rubber is the finished product. Even though some people use the words interchangeably, Latex and Rubber are NOT the same.

While Latex is the milky white sap of rubber trees that are found under the bark of a mature rubber tree, Rubber, which is the finished product, is waterproof, durable and an elastic substance made from latex, either synthetic or natural. It is that black stuff that makes up the tires of all your vehicles.

Are Latex dishwashing gloves recyclable?

Well, a very straight answer to that question would be No. Latex gloves are NOT recyclable. This is because latex gloves are made from sap of rubber trees and get contaminated super easily. So, it is very advisable not to try to recycle your latex gloves. After making use of them, the next thing to do is to throw them into the trash.

Once you are done with your latex gloves, throw them in an isolated trash can and wash your hands with soap and running water immediately afterwards. If you’re worried about the environment, don’t be. Latex gloves are biodegradable and will decompose after a while, so the environment remains safe.

Are Rubber dishwashing gloves recyclable?

Unlike latex gloves, rubber gloves are very recyclable. So, be rest assured that not all your gloves would end up in the waste bin.

Your rubber gloves anew finished products and cannot get easily contaminated so, you do not need to dispose of them after you’re satisfied with how much dishwashing they have done.

How to recycle your Rubber dishwashing gloves: DIY Methods

You do not need to take your rubber gloves to any recycling agency. Since rubber gloves are non-slip, firm and waterproof, it is very easy to recycle them and discover a new useful item for your household. Some DIY’s are:

1. After you’re done with your rubber gloves, you can use them to cover slippery surfaces either in your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else in the home.

2. Your rubber gloves can also be very useful in opening stubborn jars. This is how you do it…cut the wrist of the gloves to reduce the length, then cut open the fingers so that when you put them on, your fingers go through. So, when you want to open a stubborn jar, all you need to do is slip on your new gloves and twist your jar open.

3. Your gloves are also useful in your first-aid kit. Shocked? Don’t be. Follow these steps:

  • Take the first glove, cut out the five fingers and place them into your first aid box.
  • When you have a cut on your finger and want to protect both the cut and the bandage from soap and water, just slip on the part of your glove you already cut out that fits that finger, and you’re good to go.
  • Now, take the second glove, fill it up with water and tie the end, then freeze it. Voila, you have an extra ice pack for when you need it.

4. If you are a creative person, your rubber dishwashing gloves can be used to fashionably design your dreary-looking clothes or shoes. All you need to do is cut up the gloves, (preferably different colors), into tiny strips and then use them to style that dreary-looking cloth or shoe you were thinking of trashing, however, you like.

Wrapping it up

Do not forget not to recycle your Latex dishwashing gloves because there is every chance that they are already contaminated after use. Your rubber gloves on the other hand will recycle beautifully and make up new items that are super useful in the home.