Biodegradable Toilet Papers

Biodegradable Toilet Papers For Camping: Worth it?

What makes biodegradable toilet paper different from regular toilet paper? The first thing you should know is that almost all toilet papers are biodegradable, they are always the first choice when you think of biodegradable items.

Wet wipes might be considered much suitable for wiping but they down break down compared to toilet papers that break faster and easier. A biodegradable toilet appears won’t clog drains, unlike your regular toilet paper.

Normal toilet paper might be okay for camping but it is more crucial and safe to use biodegradable toilet paper for all your camping situations so you can make certain tasks easy and there will be less pollution in the environment.

Camping can be really fun and it’s a way to relax and you definitely need toilet paper whether you are digging a hole, folding a camping chair or using a portable toilet. Read on to know if biodegradable toilet papers are worth investing in and the best options to buy.

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Biodegradable Toilet Papers For Camping: Worth it?

So many often wonder if biodegradable toilet papers for camping are actually worth it. Before discovering that biodegradable toilet papers are great for camping, you should keep in mind that there is no really best toilet paper for hiking or camping but biodegradable toilet papers come pretty close and are better than regular toilet paper.

In a portable camping toilet, it is better to use biodegradable toilet paper as it dissolves better than the regular one.

Biodegradable toilet paper as the name implies means it breaks down easily and it has been designed with campers and hikers in mind. It is convenient for you to carry as much as you want.

Although all toilet paper is designed to break down really fast the soft toilet paper which is also known as biodegradable toilet paper breaks down much quicker.

Biodegradable Toilet Papers For Camping: Best Options To Buy

The type of dissolvable toilet paper you use is also going to determine how fast it breaks down. These days we all need a more eco-friendly option in our lives and toilet paper is essential in any household.

Campings are meant to be fun and getting the wrong toilet paper can make your toilet trip not so fun. Two things are very important for camping and hiking, its food and poop. Well. stick with us to find the best biodegradable toilet paper for camping.

1. Coleman Camper’s Toilet Paper- Best Overall

Coleman Camper’s toilet paper is a basic biodegradable toilet paper that can tend to your indoor and outdoor needs. It is not just biodegradable but also safe for septic use and designed with a handy plastic dispenser that makes it easy to remove a single wipe without dropping the entire roll in the dirt. The casing also helps keep the rain out and it takes very little space.

2. Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper- Best Rv Toilet Paper

Scott Rapid Dissolving toilet paper is the perfect toilet paper if you are traveling in an RV. The toilet in a campers van or motor home is not exactly built to withstand a large volume of paper you toss into it and this can easily cause clogging problems that can be difficult to remedy. Hence why Scott Rapid Dissolving toilet paper is recommended. This biodegradable toilet paper breaks down faster than regular toilet paper.

3. Better Way Bamboo Toilet Paper- Best Rated

Betterway is a common toilet paper brand and they provide you with sustainable and eco-friendly toilet tissue. Although this toilet paper is a bit pricey compare to other biodegradable toilet papers it is a more preferred option to regular tissue. It is also hypo-allergenic which makes it suitable for those with allergies.

4. Freedom Living Toilet Tissue- Best Septic Tank Toilet Paper

This biodegradable toilet paper dissolves really fast and it’s a strong but yet soft tissue to take care of your camping trips. This toilet paper is specifically designed for RV’s eco retreats and campers, although it is not resistant as other toilet papers, it’s a biodegradable toilet paper worth investing in. Each roll has 500 sheets and can be ordered s 4 or 8 packs.

5. ThetFord Aqua Soft Marine Tissue- Best Eco-Friendly

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This is another popular biodegradable toilet paper, it is specifically designed to work with RV and it’s gentle on a septic tank. This toilet paper is very similar to a regular toilet tissue but softer and dissolves faster. It dissolves really quickly when it comes in contact with water to avoid clogging and it’s not scratchy.

With this biodegradable toilet paper, you don’t have to struggle with lots of water to have it flushed down. Due to how fast they decompose, they are not just healthier for the environment but individuals and sewage systems as well.

6. Coghlan’s Camp Toilet Tissue- Best Personal Toilet Paper

Rolling your own toilet paper to make it fit for camping can take time so rather than stress over that, you just need to grab a package of Coghlan’s Camp toilet tissue. This biodegradable toilet tissue comes in a well-designed and resealable package to keep the tissues inside tidy and clean. This is a bit pricey but worth the value.

7. Caboo Free Tree Toilet Paper- Best Budget

The price of biodegradable toilet paper is often more expensive than regular toilet paper but Caboo Free Tree toilet paper is not as pricey as expected. This toilet paper is made from sustainably grown bamboo and sugarcane, it is also an eco-friendly alternative to traditional tissue.

This product is also gentle on the skin and just like every biodegradable toilet paper, they are designed to break down immediately they come in contact with water.

Things To Consider When Buying Biodegradable Toilet Paper For Camping

Camping is only fun when you have everything all sorted out and toilet papers are one of the essentials.

If you have never gone camping before then you are likely not to be familiar with biodegradable toilet paper for camping but this eco-friendly toilet paper is what seasoned campers, hikers, and backpackers need. When shopping for biodegradable toilet paper for camping, below are factors to consider.

  • Material: When choosing a product safe for the environment, the material used is a crucial thing to consider. The regular at-home toilet paper is made of tree fiber and it can be colored and perfumed which can easily irritate your skin. Go for biodegradable toilet papers that are made of items such as bamboo, sugarcane, and also hemp.
  • Storage: Make sure the toilet paper you are choosing comes in a package that won’t get wet easily. You risk being left with no have toilet paper at all if it can easily come in contact with water.
  • Disintegration Time: The disintegration time of the toilet paper you go for is quite important. the toilet paper should be able to disintegrate the second it comes in contact with water.


Can you leave biodegradable toilet paper in the woods?

You can leave biodegradable toilet paper in the woods if you really have to but ensure you are using a proper cathole technique plan to bury it. The best toilet paper to use is plain white and non-perfumed biodegradable toilet paper as this dissolves faster and makes sure not to leave traces.

What do you do with toilet paper when camping?

If you are a beginner at camping then it’s okay to wonder what to do with toilet paper when camping. Toilet paper has been used by expert campers for years in a camping toilet or used in attending to a number two. You need to ensure it is properly buried in a hole or can also be placed in a resealable plastic bag.

How long does biodegradable toilet paper take to decompose?

How long biodegradable toilet paper takes to decompose depends on whether you bury it or not. But generally, toilet paper can take 5 weeks or more to biodegrade.

Biodegradable Toilet Papers

Wrapping Up

Biodegradable toilet papers are often more pricey than regular toilet paper which is why you need a guide that prevents you from spending money on toilet paper that will let you down.

Almost all toilet papers are biodegradable but there are some that are more eco-friendly options that will make a difference for camping. Hence this article contains the best options to buy and reasons why they are worth the investment.

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