Philodendron Varieties: 16 Types Of Philodendron Plants For Your Home

Top philodendron varieties

The Philodendron plant has been one of the favorite plants for many plant lovers, it is one of the most popular houseplants in the world and it seems we all cannot get enough of it. It has an uncanny resemblance to the Pothos plant but it is not to be confused with it.

The philodendron is a genus from the family of Araceae. The plant is native to South America and there are more than 450 species of philodendron in the world. This means that there is more than one type of philodendron that you can grow in your home.

Apart from being a stunning plant to own in your home, philodendron is known to be one of the plants that clean the air in its environment, getting rid of toxic substances and providing clean air.

The philodendron types can be categorized into two, according to their growing style. They are Climbing and upright. Although these plants come in different colors, sizes, and textures, their care routine is quite similar, hence you do not have to worry over your knowledge on its care.

The basic care routine for most philodendron include;

  • Indirect Light: Most philodendrons enjoy growing in bright indirect light. For some, the light may need to be increased a little. This is to help maintain their variegation. While most can thrive in moderate light and low light.
  • High Humidity: Most philodendrons enjoy high humidity, hence if you live in a dry climate, you might need to provide additional humidity for them or just place them in the bathroom or kitchen.
  • Loose well-draining Soil: Philodendrons, like most plants, enjoy soil that can drain water and still retain moisture. Finally, philodendron enjoys being moderately watered.

Top Philodendron Varieties: The Most Common Types Of Philodendron Plant

Of all the 450 plus varieties of philodendron, it is impossible to find and grow all. many varieties haven’t been discovered, many cannot be grown in the home, a large amount of them are rare, expensive, and difficult to lay hands on.

Why know them when you cannot grow them? Moving on, we will be sharing with you some of the stunning varieties of philodendron that are easy to find and affordable.

1. Heartleaf Philodendron

The heartleaf variety of philodendrons is one of the easiest plants to grow, the plant falls in the category of climbing philodendrons and is suitable for rails and hanging baskets. It is safe to term heartleaf philodendron as the most common of all the varieties there are.

The plant comes in glossy heart-shaped leaves, it can grow to 2 to 3 inches wide and eight inches wide when allowed to climb.

The plant enjoys moderate, indirect light, high humidity and is tolerant of neglect. However, it enjoys having the right measure of water and cannot tolerate overwatering. A lot of people refer to this plant via several names i.e. Sweetheart plant, oxycardium, scandens, etc. what’s more? They are easily propagated!

2. Prince Of Orange

The prince of orange variety belongs to the upright category of growth. It is known to grow as orange and then change to light green as it matures.

The plant grows to about 2 feet high and wide and is known to produce a tight cluster of leaves around its central stem. It is hardy and can grow on the regular philodendron care routine. The prince of orange variety can be purchased online and in florist shops.

3. Brasil Philodendron

The brasil philodendron comes in shades of green and yellow all around it, the trailing variety is named brazil due to its resemblance to the brazil flag. Apart from its color, the plant has similar hardy qualities with heartleaf. The brasil is most beautiful when used indoor on a hanging basket, it complements the interior decoration in there.

It can tolerate indirect, bright light; However, you might want to make the light a little above indirect. This is because brasil needs light to maintain its lovely variegation. The plant tends to turn all green when placed in low light. Brasil can be found almost everywhere and at an affordable price.

4. Philodendron Birkin 

Birkin belongs to the upright variety. It was developed as a cross in between philodendron Congo and philodendron Imperial green, the plant is heart-shaped, with beautiful foliage of bright yellow stripe on the lovely green leaves.

Each leaf of the Birkin has different variegation and this makes it noticeable wherever it is placed. Birkin doesn’t grow so fast, however, it eventually grows to about 3 feet high and wide.

Sounds like a stressful plant? The Birkin is known as an easy philodendron to grow, it can survive on the regular philodendron care routine however the Birkin is susceptible to root rot, you have to be careful with its watering schedule.

5. Xanadu Philodendron

As a fan of philodendron, you cannot afford to not grow Xanadu. Classified as one of the best examples of the upright variety, the Xanadu philodendron has broad, shiny leaves with multiple lobes on each of the long leaves.

The plant is easy to grow and keep, it is drought tolerant, which means it can forgive a little neglect, it enjoys a variety of conditions. the plant is a slow grower; However, it can grow up to 3 ft.

6. Burle Marx

The Burle Marx variety is named after the architect Roberto Burle Marx; The upright variety has become a favorite among many. It Is recognized by its long, paddle-shaped, shiny leaves.

The plant has hardy and is commonly placed on the landscape. The Burle Marx will do well as an indoor plant, it is affordable and easy to find. The Burle Marx enjoys bright, indirect light. However, it can survive in low light too.

 7. Philodendron Hastatum

Philodendron Hastatum
Image: Moose Plant Shop // Buy from them.

The hastatum variety comes in shiny gray-green leaves, the plant’s shape resembles that of an arrowhead. The plant grows to about nine inches wide and two inches long.

The hastatum variety is known by other names such as spade leaf, silver sword philodendron, all attributed to its silvery coloration. The plant was also previously known as domesticum, elongstum, glaucophyllum and this was a result of the confusion among morphological variation. etc.

Although the plant enjoys being watered, it is susceptible to root rot, hence you might want to create a watering schedule that fits its needs. The plant should be grown in a terra cotta container to allow the plant to breathe.

8. Philodendron Black Cardinal

If you are a lover of black plants, then this is for you. The black cardinal philodendron has deep burgundy leaves and red stems. It is regarded as black cardinal because of how close its color is to black. The leaves first emerge as light orange and as they mature, they turn into dark burgundy.

The upright variety plant enjoys bright, indirect sunlight, to maintain its color. It enjoys loose soil and will not tolerate over-watering. Due to its exotic look, many assume the black cardinal is rare, however, the black cardinal philodendron is available almost everywhere, to be purchased.

9. Philodendron Moonlight

The moonlight philodendron is one of the easiest philodendrons to grow. The new leaves of the moonlight start with sunny, yellow color and as they mature, they darken to lime-green leaves. Moonlight enjoys bright indirect light, just like many other varieties of philodendron.

It grows fast without feeding supports like fertilizer to fasten its growth. More fascinating news? The moonlight philodendron is low growing, however, over time, it can grow to be about 20-24 inches high and 20-24 inches wide. Moonlight philodendron is available to be purchased everywhere.

10. Philodendron Lemon-Lime

The lemon-lime is a beautiful cultivar of the heartleaf philodendron, apart from its yellow-green color, it is very similar to the heartleaf. The lemon-lime las beautiful foliage that calls for attention when in a room. The leaves emerge as electric yellow, then matures into deep lemon and then to lime green.

The climbing variety enjoys a wide range of light conditions, it is easy to grow, like the heartleaf philodendron, it enjoys being watered only when the topsoil is dried and can be trimmed when it gets too leggy. The plant although not so known by a lot of people, can be purchased, almost everywhere.

11. Philodendron Florida Ghost

The Florida ghost philodendron makes a statement wherever it is placed. The plant is known to change colors as it develops. Wondering how it got its name? The name Florida ghost was given to it because it has the shape of a flying ghost. The Florida ghost is quite popular, but hard to find, you can purchase them via online stores.

The plant enjoys more sun than varieties of philodendron, this is because it needs the light to keep its variegation vibrant. A common trap people fall for is believing that Florida ghost and Florida ghost mint are different plants, however, they are the same. The only difference between the duo is that Florida ghost mint is raised in lower light.

12. Philodendron Imperial Green

We are certain that you will not be able to keep your eyes off this beauty when you see it! The imperial green philodendron is known for its large glossy green leaves and how it spreads out in all directions.

The upright variety is an easy plant to grow, just like many other varieties of philodendron, the imperial green can survive on the regular philodendron care routine, however, it will appreciate a higher indirect light. The imperial green is available for purchase everywhere.

13. Philodendron Green Congo

The philodendron green Congo is an upright variety that is known for its strong, long, and heart-shaped leaves. It enjoys a low humidity plant and this makes it an excellent choice for indoor planting.

The plant will survive with the regular philodendron care routine. You may find it hard to find at nursery stores, however, they can be gotten from online stores.

14. Philodendron Majesty

Philodendron Majesty
Image: PlantWagons // Buy from them.

This is for dark plant lovers, the philodendron majesty, like its name commands attention wherever it is. The pear-shaped leaves have dark, large purple-green color, with its new growth giving the burgundy shade. The climber variety is known to produce large leaves that grow upwards, the plant can be propagated via cutting. It can be grown with the regular philodendron care routine, however, it enjoys high humidity.  

15. Philodendron Painted Lady

Philodendron Painted Lady Plant
Image: Pistils Nursery // Buy from them.

The philodendron-painted lady is known to start with bright yellow-green colors and then matures into dark green. This climber variety is known to enlarge its foliage as it grows higher.

The plant is quite popular and can be found almost everywhere. It can be grown with the philodendron care routine, however, you may need to keep it drier than other varieties.

16. Philodendron Grazielae

Image: Garden Tags / @nellshell

This plant can be described as a classic heart-shaped plant. it comes in glossy green color, with sturdy stems. The grazielae is not a fast-growing plant and will not tolerate cold. However, it is easy to grow, using the regular philodendron routine. The good thing is that it is quite popular, hence it is readily available everywhere.

Final Thoughts 

With philodendron, the variety list is endless. Of all the over 450 varieties, many are unknown or haven’t been discovered. Although there are more varieties you can purchase, we made sure to provide you with varieties we are sure you can access.

Apart from the slight changes in some varieties’ care routines. The philodendron plants are very easy to grow. They fit for houseplants and outdoor planting. The good thing about philodendron is that you can have more than one variety in your home. We do hope you enjoy growing them all. Happy planting!

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