Do Strawberry Plants Prefer Sun Or Shade?

Do Strawberry Plants Prefer Sun Or Shade?

Having strawberries grown in your garden open you to fresh hand-picked garden fruit compared to the store-bought one. So, why settle for expensive supermarket strawberries when you can easily have the ones grown from seed in your home.

Strawberries are hardy perennials and they are relatively easy to grow but it is important to take their growing requirements into consideration. In fact, take a look at this list of strawberry companion plants to see just how special this plant is.

Strawberries come in different varieties but their growing requirements are often the same but just as with many plants, you need to know if your strawberries want sun or shade as this will help ensure you receive the best yield from your strawberries.

One of the most cultivated fruit worldwide is strawberries and it offers a wide range of benefits which is why it’s widely consumed as well. Strawberries are plants that require the right planting conditions to thrive and they do their best when planted in well-drained soil.

Do Strawberry Plants Prefer Sun Or Shade?

Strawberries thrive in at least 8 hours of full sun daily and they don’t do well in full shade. Strawberries will only tolerate full shade if they get up to 6 hours of direct sunlight but they will also grow in places with partial shade.

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Generally, your strawberry needs direct sunlight but ensure they are not getting too much heat as this can affect the fruit. Make sure to choose a spot with full sun and during the hottest part of the day, try to provide some shade protection.

How To Grow Strawberries

When planting strawberries, some growing requirements are essential. Strawberries are versatile fruits that will grow happily in the ground or container. These juicy fruits prefer sunny conditions and they prefer slightly acidic soil with a pH of at least 5.5 and 6.8 to produce a great yield.

Keep in mind that this sturdy plant will proper when it’s well cared for and planted in properly prepared beds or rows.

Strawberries can grow in anything even in jars and hanging baskets but no matter where you plant them, you need to make sure they are getting enough sunlight and the soil should have excellent drainage. Plant strawberries based on your growing zone, which means going for fall or spring.

Do strawberries like morning or afternoon sun?

Strawberries morning and early afternoon sun just like most vegetables and fruits. They should be planted in areas that get direct sunlight for at least 8 hours per day and this will not only increase your yield provide you with larger strawberries. In a hot summer climate, they will want shelter from the hot afternoon sun.

Do Strawberry Plants Prefer Sun Or Shade?

Final Thoughts

The juicy taste of a freshly picked strawberry is unmatched by one bought from the supermarket and this one of the reasons many have it planted in their garden. Strawberries really prefer sunlight to full shade so if you have got a shaded garden then you might want to try another variety.

However, they will also do well in partial shade but only if they receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day.