The Best companion plants for strawberries

Strawberry Companion Plants: 11 Best Plants to Grow With Strawberries

What are the best plants to grow with strawberries? Strawberries are highly productive plants and companion planting with it enhances not only the look but also aids yield.

A strawberry plant always looks enticing on a farm and gardeners are always looking for ways to integrate strawberry into the edible or ornamental landscape. There are lots of plants that are great companions to strawberries.

What is companion planting? Companion planting is a beneficial gardening form that offers many benefits, it refers to the planting of different crops close to each other to enhance nutrient uptake encourage pollination, provide pest control and increase crop production.

Given the number of problems that a strawberry plant has to deal with, you will probably welcome a companion plant that will help attract pollinating insects, enrich the soil, repel damaging insects, and in turn, it will benefit from the strawberry vine’s ability to double as a ground cover.

11 Best Plants to Grow With Strawberries

Which plants are good companion plants for strawberries? Companion planting is a wonderful gardening strategy for improving fertility, protects from pests, and fosters pollination for optimal growth. Strawberries have been a classic favorite of many for years but given the number of problems they tend to deal with, here are 11 companion plants to help them thrive.

1. Bush Beans1. Tomatoes
2. Borage2. Okra
3. Asparagus3. Cauliflower
4. Onions And Garlic4. Eggplant
5. Sage5. Brassicas
6. Marigolds6. Kohlrabi
7. Lettuce And Spinach7. Fennel
8. Caraway
9. Thyme
10. Chives
11. Spinach

1. Bush Beans

Bush beans are one of the most nutritious foods for you and they also make a great companion plant with strawberries.

Bush beans work well to repel garden beetles and other insects that might feed on strawberry plants. It has a nutty flavor that is loved by many and you have it planted with your favorite strawberries which can attract nitrogen-fixing bacterias to the soil.

This is a common bean known to be a benefactor to strawberries. It should be planted a little later in the spring than strawberries but you might want to wait until the soil warms to about 60 degrees F before you sow the beans.

2. Borage

One of the best companion herbs for strawberries is borage, it is a herb used for culinary purposes. There are lots of benefits to be derived from making it a companion plant with strawberries and it is one of the most accepted companion plantings due to its observed benefits. 

Other plants that grow with borage include Tomatoes, papers, squash, cabbage, and strawberries. Borage attracts pollinators and repels pests that are of potential damage to strawberries. 

3. Asparagus

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There is no reason not to have asparagus and strawberries planted together. It makes sense to have it planted together immediately after the last frost as they are great companions and you will have them for a lifetime.

Asparagus and strawberries do not root at the same depth hence it won’t put a strain on the nutrients levels of the soil and these two as companion plants reduce the weed but it will feed the gas as it decomposes.

4. Onions And Garlic

The pungent smell of onions and garlic keeps the pests away and encourages your strawberries in growing. Onions and other allium families are the best companion plants on the list for strawberries as they discourage marauders from feeding on your juicy berries.  

5. Sage

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Sages are well known for enhancing the juicy flavor of strawberries and growing it together is a good idea as both nurture well together. Sage is quite an excellent companion herb for strawberries and other herb plants to considered are mint, dill, fennel, and coriander, they help to repel slugs and other pests.

6. Marigolds

Strawberries and marigolds make a beautiful team together as companion plants and it’s exciting getting to see beautiful marigold flowers while also watching your strawberries ripen.

The fragrance of marigolds deters pests that harm strawberries and french marigolds are also believed to repel roots know as nematodes which are considered damage to strawberry plant roots.

7. Lettuce And Spinach

Gardeners believe interplanting lettuce and spinach with strawberries enhances the productivity of all three plants and gardeners definitely love growing lettuce with strawberries. Lettuce and spinach as leafy vegetables improve the quality of strawberries and also protect the flavourful fruit from the sight of birds by hiding them.

8. Caraway

Strawberries are prone to attacks from many pests hence why caraway is going to make a great companion plant for it. It’s an amazing herb that benefits strawberries by attracting wasps and flies. Caraway cannibalizes insects that commonly munch on strawberries.

9. Thyme

Thyme is a must-have herb in your garden. It has many dietary, medicinal and ornamental, it does really well with strawberries. Hoverflies are attracted to them, worms steer clear.

The Best companion plants for strawberries

10. Chives

Chives are often grown for their leafy top and they make excellent mulch. Chives make a great companion plant to strawberries. Its pungent smell discourages pests thereby helping strawberries grow. It is one of the best companion plants for strawberries.

11. Rhubarb

Rhubard is another great companion plant you ought to grow with your strawberry. Both are perennial plants which means they grow at the same time of the year and also serve numerous health benefits.

What not to plant next to strawberries

While many plants can be of benefits to strawberries when planted nearby, some plants should not be planted near them. Companion planting is a gardening strategy that offers many benefits but they are also plants that are harmful to each other rather than be of benefits. Strawberries respond strongly to nearby plants but here are plants you can not plant next to them.

1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes and strawberries are not great companion plants and should not even be planted in beds that have recently housed tomatoes. If possible, plant tomatoes as far apart as possible in the same garden. The greater the distance between them, the less the chance of accidental cross-contamination if one of the plants becomes diseased.

2. Okra

Another interesting plant you shouldn’t plant near your strawberry is okra. Strawberry plants are prone to a disease called verticillium and okra may actually contribute to this deadly disease in strawberry plants.

3. Cauliflower

Strawberries should not be grown anywhere cauliflower or any member of the brassica as it can affect the growth of your cauliflower. Strawberries are harmful when they are planted next to cauliflower because the strawberry plant is notorious for attracting slugs.

4. Eggplants

Eggplants are destructive neighbors to strawberries hence they should not be planted together.

Here are some other plants you should not plant near strawberries:

You must note that strawberries should not be planted in beds that have recently housed any of these plants on these lists above.


Do tomatoes and strawberries grow well together?

No, tomatoes and strawberries do not grow well together and they are not companion plants for each other and this is because tomatoes can contribute to the deadly disease in strawberries. Both strawberries and tomatoes have companion plants that can benefit their growth but should be kept apart from each other.

Are eggshells good for strawberry plants?

Yes, eggshells are good for strawberry plants. Strawberry plants will grow well with the additional natural potassium that is derived from utilizing eggplants. As eggplants decompose, they naturally enrich the soil which provides a slow and steady source of calcium to your strawberries while also preventing blossom end rot from occurring. 

Can I cut and plant strawberry runners?

Yes, it is okay to cut and plant strawberry runners along as the runners have provided adequate root growth. You should only use healthy runners from vigorous disease-free strawberry plant and basically anytime between spring and fall is okay. 

Should I cover my strawberry plants?

Yes, a strawberry plant can be covered when they are fully dormant however the trick is knowing when to apply the mulch and if cover too soon, plants may fail to harden off which means they will be damaged by cold air.

Do strawberries come back every year?

One of the benefits of planting strawberries is that they don’t die off every year. They are perennials, virtually every planting zone is conducive for growing strawberries.

How far apart do you plant strawberries?

The best spacing for strawberry plants is 8 to 12 inches. If they are spaced too closely, diseases can easily spread among them.

Is coffee grounds good for strawberry plants?

Coffee grounds provide a good source of nitrogen to strawberries hence they are good for them. Coffee grounds can help improve plant acidity which makes it suitable for strawberry plants that prefer slightly acidic soil to help them grow.

Do raspberries and strawberries grow well together?

Raspberries and strawberries can be grown together however you have to ensure they are planted in a way that neither disturbs the other.

Do strawberries grow well in raised beds?

Yes, strawberries do grow well in raised beds and it’s ideal for them. Strawberries are perennials and they need rich soil with lots of organic matters. So a raised bed makes an excellent spot for them.

What are some plants not to grow with strawberries?

Here are some other plants you should not plant near strawberries:

Strawberry companion plants chart


Strawberries can also serve as companion plants to other plants, in fact, many savvy gardeners plant them as a ground cover to control weeds around plants like horseradish, rhubarb, and asparagus.

Companion planting helps ensure plants that interact well with each other are planted together and this is a gardening method that is great for all plants as most plants are vulnerable to a broad range of pests.

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