Cauliflower Companion Plants: 8 Plants to Grow With Cauliflower

Cauliflower Companion Plants: 12 Plants to Grow With Cauliflower

Cauliflower is one of the most popular vegetable plants, it is an annual plant that reproduces by seed, and typically only the head is eaten. It likes to grow in full sun and well-drained soil with a PH that lies between 6 and 7 and just like every other plant’s cauliflower thrives with companion planting.

Companion planting means when two or more species are planted together for their mutual benefits which sometimes enables them to uptake nutrients more efficiently.

All plants have their strength and weaknesses just as with people hence companionship to help foster strength and minimize weaknesses however this theory might not be proved scientifically but has been used for years by gardeners and farmers to grow their plants.

Cauliflower has the reputation of being the most temperamental plant with excellent reason, but many farmers don’t bother growing it although you will found out that it’s not that difficult with the right planting and harvesting tips.

Choosing the right companion plant to benefit another has to mimic nature’s symbiotic relationship in the ecosystem and like other cabbage families, cauliflower is susceptible to cabbage worms, flea beetles, slugs, and aphids.

What plants grow with cauliflower? Read on to learn more about companion planting for cauliflower.

Cauliflower Companion Plants: 12 Plants to Grow With Cauliflower

Choosing the right companion for cauliflower is important to help it grow as it happens to be a bit challenging to grow than other garden vegetables but with few steps and beneficial companion plants. Generally, you should aim for plants with strong aromas to disguise the cauliflower plant from invading insects, now here are some of the plants that will do well growing in companion with cauliflower.

1. Garlic And Cauliflowers

Garlic is a great plant to have as companion plants with cauliflower, it will keep the pests away from your cauliflower and this type of companion planting saves space which is often needed in the vegetable garden and this is one of the most common companion plantings. Garlic takes up little space and its pungent smell is what convinces people that it will keep pests and diseases away.

2. Rosemary And Cauliflowers

Rosemary has a strong aroma which makes it ideal as a companion plant with cauliflower and when considering rosemary companion planting, the best companion plant for it has always been either broccoli or cauliflower. Layering cut sprigs of rosemary along the cauliflower plants are sure to help as well however you should have the herbs replaced regularly as soon as they start to lose their aroma.

Just as with other Meditteranean plants like thyme, sage, and rosemary, do not overwater as they are not accustomed to conditions that are too wet. The strong scent of rosemary deters pests and if possible these herbs should be grown in pots situated close to the cauliflower bed.

3. Mint And Cauliflowers

Basil. mint, parsley, coriander - 10 Best Insects And Bug Repellant Plants For Your Garden
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Another effective herb to have planted as a companion plant with cauliflower is mint, it has a strong fragrance that deters pests and bugs. Mint is a very invasive plant hence it will overrun a bed in a very sure time so it’s best to have it grown in a container and position it amongst the cauliflower. Sprigs can also be cut from the mint plant and spread amongst the cauliflower plants to help deter pests.

4. Chamomile And Cauliflowers

Chamomile is said to help improve the taste of cauliflower and it helps to attract pollinators and this will keep the pests away. Chamomile is a delicate looking plant but surprisingly very strong and makes a great companion for cauliflower however for it to be an effective companion planting, you must care for it properly.

Place chamomile in a garden that allows it to receive full sun and its powerful pest control properties makes it a great companion plant for your cauliflower.

5. Chives And Cauliflowers

Chives grow well with just about anything, and it is great for cauliflower due to its strong smell which helps keep the pests away, and once in flower, it attracts many pollinators to the garden and in turn, these pollinators will deter pests away from your cauliflower. Chives are related to onions and share most of their companion plants as it’s relative.

6. Spinach And Cauliflowers

Cauliflower is a vegetable with a reputation for being fussy and difficult but when traditionally planted spinach, it tends to benefit from it. Spinach is a cool-season crop and interplanting with cauliflower has been proven to result in higher yields for both.

7. Onions And Cauliflower

Onions are an excellent choice when companion planting with cauliflower, this is another member of the allium family, and just like chives, it helps to disguise the cauliflowers due to their strong aroma. Onions may utilize plenty of water, but it leaves more nutrients in the soil for the cauliflower, and it is a type of companion planting that always saves space.

8. Beans And Cauliflower

8 Plants to Grow With Cauliflower

Beans and cauliflower are an ideal combo, both plants are great at deterring pests and attracts beneficial insects. There are lots of suitable companion plants for beans as it makes a great companion however beans and onions do not mix so avoid planting beans too if you want to grow onions and cauliflower.

9. Corn And Cauliflower

Corn are warm-season crops which makes them easy to plant in the garden as a companion plant with cauliflower. You can plant sweet corn as they are the easiest to deal with.

10. Dill And Cauliflower

Dill can improve the health of brassica plants like broccoli, kohlrabi, brussels sprout, kohlrabi, cauliflower, kale, and swiss chards. Dil repels pests such as cabbage moth, cabbageworm, and cabbage looper that can prey on cauliflower.

11. Sage And Cauliflower

Sage is a staple herb in many cuisines in the world and cauliflower may benefit from being planted with sage. Sage is easy to grow and their strong scents deter some pests while their aromatic flowers attract bees.

12. Cucumber And Cauliflower

Cucumbers love warm humid weather with loose organic soil and plenty of sunlight which all make it an ideal companion for cauliflower.

What can you not plant next to cauliflower?

There are lots of veggies and herbs that are great companion planting for cauliflower and they are very beneficial as well, some of which are listed above, now let’s look at plants that should never be grown near cauliflower.

  • Strawberries should not be grown near cauliflower or any member of the brassica family as it will seriously affect the growth of your cauliflower. Strawberries inhibit brassica growth and should always be grown as far from each other as possible.
  • Peas and cauliflower do not mix well as it will stunt its growth.
  • Tomatoes and pepper will also cause cauliflowers to not grow properly hence it should not be planted near them. Due to their heavy feeding requirements, combining them with cauliflower will place unnecessary stress on your tomatoes and lessen the amount of nutrition cauliflower has available so it should be avoided.


Can you grow cauliflower in winter?

There are three types of cauliflowers which are the summer, winter, and autumn varieties. In most areas, cauliflower is best grown in fall while selected varieties can be grown in winter.

How close together can you plant cauliflower?

Cauliflower should be planted 18 inches apart. Each plant should be planted with 18 inches spacing while the rows should be 30 inches apart.

Can lettuce and cauliflower be planted together?

No, you should avoid growing lettuce next to the cauliflower. While some varieties of lettuce might be beneficial to cauliflower and help the brassica family crops to grow, however, these plants have particular root secretions that can prevent lettuce roots from germinating.

Does cauliflower regrow after cutting?

Yes, cauliflower plants are sure to regrow even after cutting the head. Ensure to keep your cauliflower healthy every time to cut it, the cauliflower develops quickly in ideal condition. When you are ready to harvest the cauliflower head, cut it from the main stem and leave a few of the outer leaves.

How long does cauliflower take to mature?

How long cauliflower takes to mature depends on the variety. Most varieties require about two months to mature while others can take up to three months.

Can cauliflower grow in shade?

Yes, cauliflowers are really healthy vegetables that will grow well in shades. Cauliflower grown in partial shade will grow slower as it prefers full sun however when planted in fertile and well-drained soil, they will grow well in partial shade.

How much sun do cauliflower plants need?

Cauliflowers need at least 6 hours of sun each day just like most vegetables. The more sun it gets, the better.

Can I plant cauliflower next to cabbage?

Having the brassicas plants planted in close proximity is likely to attract pests that wreak havoc on the plants. Planting cabbage and cauliflower together means putting plants up for direct competition.

What is the best fertilizer for cauliflower?

Cauliflower needs extra nutrients to keep them from ”buttoning”. According to test recommendations, you can add nitrogen-rich amendments such as blood meal, cottonseed meal, or composted manure however they should not be over-fertilized.

What month do you harvest cauliflower?

You can extend cauliflower harvesting month by planting different varieties. If you plant cauliflower in late April or May then you can harvest it in August or early September. If you plant your cauliflower in the fall, it will be harvested in Winter.

Is bolted cauliflower edible?

A lot of things can cause bolting in cauliflower however it is still edible but only if you pick it and harvest it immediately. Cauliflower tends to turn bitter and unpalatable if left in the ground when bolted.

Can you plant broccoli and cauliflower next to each other?

No, you should definitely avoid planting broccoli and cauliflower next to each other. Both have lower nutrients and can easily attract all kinds of pests. Cauliflower will compete with broccoli for the same nutrient.

How do you stop slugs eating cauliflower?

Slugs and snails can be of damage to cauliflower. To stop slugs from eating cauliflower, pick off the insects at night or use diatomaceous earth for controlling cauliflower insects.

Should I cover my cauliflower?

Yes, covering cauliflower is essential for keeping heads white and mild tasting. It also serves as cauliflower frost protection, it will help prevent young plants from common pests such as cabbageworm and root maggots.

Can you plant cauliflower and carrots together?

Cauliflower and carrots can be grown together however it is best to keep some space between them. To get the most of your carrot plantation, you can grow them with other vegetables such as leeks, tomatoes, onions, and alliums.


For a healthy thriving garden, companion planting is essential and with the right companion planting, you can make plants flourish however this is more than just the general notion that some specific plants can benefit from each other when planted together.

There are many benefits to companion planting. Cauliflower is one of the most difficult vegetables to grow in a home garden due to its temperature sensitivity but with a little tenderness, love, and care, it can be a very rewarding vegetable in your garden, and to ensure it gets efficient nutrient, companion planting is considered.