Rosemary Companion Plants

Rosemary Companion Plants: 15 Best Plants to Grow With Rosemary

An effective guide to companion planting is to know what plants benefit another and when it comes to companion planting, it takes more than good soil, sun, and nutrients to ensure success in growing your plants. Rosemary is a common plant in many gardens and it is also a perennial evergreen shrub with all-year-round beauty.

The scientific name for rosemary is Rosemarinus Officinalis which means mist of the seas and well used for its medicinal benefits. Rosemary is a fairly healthy plant and it can withstand some pests and insects hence it can be a great companion plant.

Planting rosemary in your garden is beneficial to some plants although it is one of the few herbs that don’t get along with other herbs but some certain herbs that like the same environment can be planted with it.

Rosemary is not just for the occasional chicken or potato dish. It has other health benefits and it has powerful scented oil that repels harmful insects and attracts certain beneficial insects. Read on to learn what to plant with rosemary for a healthier garden.

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15 Best Plants to Grow With Rosemary

Consider the pest repelling properties of the rosemary plants before deciding on the plant companions for it. When choosing plant companions for rosemary plants, they should be able to benefit from the plant’s ability to fend off certain insects that attract crops. Companion planting helps you get the most from your garden and whatever growing space you have. Here are 15 plants to grow with rosemary.

1. Thyme

Rosemary is a companion plant that pairs nicely with other herbs and one of those herbs is thyme. Thyme makes a great companion plant to rosemary as it works as a deterrent to worm and it can easily flourish next to rosemary as it gives more benefits than it receives.

Thyme is a small creeping herb that will do when it’s planted next to rosemary, sage, oregano and marjoram.

2. Chives

Chives work well with almost all herbs and it is a great all-around partner plant for herbs and vegetables. Growing chives is important if you are harvesting cucumber. Chives are known to ward off rose bushes nemesis and enhance the growth of the roses. Surprisingly they’re also a great colorful indoor plant.

3. Alyssum

You can plant almost any flower with rosemary however if you want to further improve your garden then alyssum is considered a more beneficial flower to rosemary. The sweet alyssum has tiny flowers that can attract beneficial insects such as predatory wasps while rosemary helps repel pests with their distinct aroma. 

4. Lavender

Lavender makes an excellent companion planting to Meditteranean herbs and although it’s very particular in it’s growing requirements it grows well with herbs that have similar cultural needs such as sage, rosemary and thyme.

5. Beans

Rosemary spicy and earthy aroma overpowers the beans scents which effectively hides it from Mexican bean beetles Rosemary makes a great companion to beans and both benefit from being planted together. 

Companion planting beans with rosemary plant might not completely get rid of pests but it will deter certain beetles and if you live in the United States, you are all too aware of the Mexican beetles. Mexican beetles area always a big problem with beans, they attack the plants from the underside.

Rosemary plant overpowers the scent giving off by your beans so a great way to keep Mexican beetles away is to companion planting with rosemary.

6. Carrots

Fresh carrots
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One of the ways to get rid of carrot flies from ruining your plants is to companion plant it with rosemary. One of the biggest issues with planting carrots is their tendency to attract carrot flies, to prevent this, you can plant rosemary nearby to help deter the carrot flies and in turn, provide nutrients to help the rosemary plants thrive. 

7. Sage

Sage and rosemary flourish when planted together. Companion planting rosemary with sage in your herb garden can help improve the overall health of sage and also magnify its flavour. Sage is the only herb that grows well with rosemary. 

8. Parsnips

Parsnips are root vegetable just like carrot flies hence they attract carrot flies too. Rosemary companion planting with parsnips benefits both plants just as with many other vegetables, parsnips benefits from rosemary powerful scent. 

9. Brassicas 

Rosemary’s aroma keeps pests at bay and masks the scent of brassicas. Rosemary is a good companion for any plants in the cabbage family which is also known as the brassica family. Some of the brassica plants include broccoli, turnips, Brussel sprouts, rutabaga, kale, radishes, and kohlrabi. Brassicas and rosemary plant benefits from being planted near each other.

10. Marigolds

best plants that bloom all summer long
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Many companion plants love marigolds and the rosemary plant is also one of those plants. Rosemary and marigolds are known for their insect repellant properties which makes them a natural companion to have planted around vegetable gardens or in large containers around decks and patios..

Marigolds add a splash of color to your garden. You can plant them in between the rosemary or flank the ends with marigold. The only plants you shouldn’t plant near marigolds are brassicas and beans.

11. Cauliflower

Rosemary is one of the few plants that can be grown into an evergreen hedge which makes it a great companion plant for cauliflower. Any plant in the cabbage family can benefit from having rosemary as a companion plant. Rosemary in close proximity with cauliflower will prevent the larvae from eating moths.

12. Onion

Onion makes a great companion to rosemary as both of them will benefit from it. Rosemary wards off insects with its scent while onions keep bugs away. It is even said to improve the taste of rosemary whether planted or eaten together.

13. Strawberries

Strawberry is one of the best companion plants for rosemary. It is a wonderful gardening strategy that can improve fertility in both plants. Strawberries respond strongly to nearby plants.

Rosemary Companion Plants

14. Oregano

Generally, herbs that like the same environment can be planted together. Oregano is one of the common herbs that is planted with rosemary. However, rosemary doesn’t get along well with many herbs although grows well with oregano in the same garden.

15. Marjoram

Marjoram is another herb that can benefit from rosemary as a companion plant. It can magnify it’s flavour and it’s also good for it’s health.

What Not To Plant With Rosemary

Rosemary is a good companion plant to have alongside your vegetables and as with aromatic herbs, it wards off insects and help your garden thrive. However here are few plants that should not be planted near rosemary.


Can rosemary and mint be planted together?

Yes, rosemary and mint can be planted together. Companion planting of rosemary and mint can ward off pests like aphids and enhance the growth of other plants. Rosemary and mints like the same environment hence they pair well together however you should avoid planting mints with other herbs due to its’ invasive properties.

Can lavender and rosemary be planted together?

Yes, lavender and rosemary are Meditteranean herbs that can be planted together. These two herbs require similar conditions for both sun and watering, they make an excellent companion plant. Lavender generally should not be planted close to vegetables as the soil moisture requires healthy vegetables may be fatal to lavender but rosemary plants are considered beneficial to them.

Does Rosemary kill other plants?

No, rosemary is considered a safe plant and it can withstand some insects and pests; however, the way you care for your plants is very important. Rosemary blends perfectly with several other herbs however this is a plant that is very hardy and if the overpopulation grows, it can kill other plants.

Can Rosemary be planted with tomatoes?

No, it is not recommended to have tomatoes and rosemary planted near each other although it can thrive in similar conditions with tomatoes it can easily deprive it of nutrients. Rosemary plants do not like getting too wet compare to tomatoes but they can thrive in similar temperatures. 
If you really do have to plant tomatoes and rosemary, we recommend keeping rosemary plants on the fringe of the tomatoes growing area rather than as a direct neighbor to your plants.

Can rosemary and basil be planted together?

Yes, rosemary and basil can be planted together but they don’t benefit each other but can safely coexist in the same garden. Rosemary and basil can grow in the same sunny location however basil needs more water than rosemary. Grow frost tender basil and rosemary as annuals in cold winter.

Why do my rosemary plants keep dying?

One of the first steps to keeping rosemary from dying is to give it six to eight hours of full sunlight every day and avoid constant moisture. Watering rosemary too often causes the root to rot which leads to brown rosemary needles as the root system shrinks.

It can be difficult to understand when a rosemary plant needs water and not allowing the plants to dry out thoroughly between each watering will only cause your rosemary plants to keep dying. Water rosemary plant every 1 to 2 weeks depending on the size and climate condition.

Final Thoughts

While you may be familiar with the term companion planting and the types such as the three sisters and herbal companion planting, it is also important to study each plant and consider their plant repelling properties. The benefits of rosemary companion plants are numerous plus it is an attractive herb that does wonders in the kitchen.

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