Rose Companion Plants

Rose Companion Plants: 10 Best Companion Plants For Rose

Roses are one of the most beautiful flowers to have planted in your garden. Gardeners often choose it for its long blooming time, varieties in color, sweet intoxicating fragrance and it can be really healthy especially if you have it planted with a suitable companion plant.

Roses are a woody perennial plant that belongs to the Rosa family and there are over 300 species of this plant.

Every plant needs a friend and finding the suitable one that is of benefit to it is essential. Growing the best companion plant with roses brings out the best in it. Keep in mind that you need to pick a companion plant that shares the same growing requirements as roses.

Just like every other plant, roses thrive with partners that bring out the best in them. So here is a companion plant guide for roses to help you find the right partner for it.

10 Best Companion Plants For Rose

Lots of plants look good with roses but not all plants are beneficial to it. Roses need great companion plants around them as they are prone to harmful pests and a good companion can enhance healthy growth. Below are some of the best companion plants for rose.

1. Bearded Iris

Bot iris and roses need well-drained soil and 6 to 8 hours of sun and this is one of the reasons they make great companions. Bearded iris also serves as the backbone in your rose garden design. It provides your garden with many beautiful colors that complement that of roses.

These plants also come in many colors and sizes so ensure to choose one that best suits your roses.

2. Yarrow

Yarrow attracts ladybugs that feed on aphids and prevent them from ruining your roses. This partnering between yarrow and roses has been around for a while and gardeners continue to use it to deter aphids.

3. Lavender

One of the good companion plants to the rose is lavender. This plant help keep rose root nice and cool. Gardeners also claim it helps deter aphids in some cases.

4. Tomatoes

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Although not many people combine roses and tomatoes study shows tomatoes can allegedly help prevent black spots.

5. Alliums

Every variety of allium plants can be grown near roses. This beautiful plant attracts butterflies and bees which beneficial pollinators to roses. They will also complement roses very well and instead of planting it around roses, plant them in between to add a splash of color.

6. Geraniums

Geraniums will help repel Japanese beetles, rose beetles, and aphids in your rose garden so they are definitely great companion plants to rose. They help prevent diseases and in addition, they bloom all summer.

7. Rue

To repel insects in your rose bush, plant rue. This plant is best planted near roses and strawberries. Gardeners also use the dry leaves of rue to repel bugs.

8. Catmint

The list of companion plants for rose won’t be complete without adding catmint to it. It is a perfect choice for covering up the stem of your roses. The bright violet color from catmint next to attractive roses adds color to any garden.

9. Parsley

Rose Companion Plants

Roses and parsley are two plants that are beneficial to each other. Parsley help repels rose beetles and attracts hoverflies while roses make the flowers of parsley smell sweeter.

10. Marigolds

Go for the lower growing variety of marigolds as a companion plant to rose. It helps to enhance and add beautiful colors to the rose bed. Marigolds also help repel insect pests and help control harmful nematodes.

What Not To Plant Next To Rose

Roses happen to be an integral part of many gardens and their attractive varieties are just of the reasons. Companion planting the best plants to complement roses help attract a large range of pollinators that feed on insects that like to live off roses. But, roses don’t have particular plants they can be planted with. However, here are some of the attributes you should look out for before choosing a companion plant for a rose.

  • Misbehaving vines
  • Pushy perennials
  • Avoid clashing colors and forms
  • Do not plant with misbehaving perennials


Can roses grow in shade?

Most varieties of rose grows in a sunny but there are some that thrive more in shades as long as the shade is not as a result of trees. Take note that very few roses can do better in full shade.

Do Roses like lots of water?

Roses do like water but how much depends on the soil, temperature, and its companion plants. However weekly watering is usally enough for roses to thrive.

Do coffee grounds help roses?

Coffee grounds will definitely help your rose plant but it has to be used in moderation. Too much coffee grounds can burn the roots of your roses

Is Epsom salt good for roses?

Epsom salt is good for strengthening your roses. It adds magnesium and helps increase the production of chlorophyll in the plant.

Can roses grow under trees?

You can grow roses under trees with large surface roots but it may be best to grow your roses in pots. Roses need sufficient sunlight to grow and bloom.

Can I plant mint with roses?

Herbs garden is most gardener’s favorite companion plant for roses. Roses can definitely be planted with mint, this herb help deters pests like aphids.

Do roses do well in pots?

With proper care and sufficient root space, most roses tend to do well in pots. However, roses grown in containers and pots do not grow as large as those planted in the ground.

Where is the best place to plant roses?

To grow healthy roses, you need a very good site. For rose bushes, choose a site that is able to receive 6 to 8 hours of sunlight and they need to be planted in well-drained soil that is rich in organic matters.

Can I put vinegar on my roses?

Vinegar does not provide your roses with any nutrients but white vinegar can be used to add acid to a rose garden. You don’t also have to spray vinegar directly on your roses.

ROSE COMPanion plants chart

Final Thoughts

When choosing suitable companion plants for rose, there are a couple of things you sure need to consider, such as growing conditions, plant health, and aesthetics. Plants to be grown with roses should both look good together and roses tend to pair nicely with plants that require similar growing requirements.