How To Make A Pallet Garden (Complete Guide)

How To Make A Pallet Garden (Complete Guide)

How do you make a pallet garden? Gardens are a great source of aesthetics, both from the environment and home. With the latest trends on ways to beautify your garden, you can spice up your garden, and also protect them. An example of this is the Pallet garden.

Pallet gardens are mainly wooden walls, with compartments in it, these spaces are filled with soil, where you can grow your plants. Pallet gardens are very beautiful and also are a great way to protect your plants from pests and the wind.

Making a pallet garden can pose to be difficult if you are trying it for the first time. In this article. We’ll be answering some of the common questions asked on pallet gardening.

Are pallets safe to use for gardening?

Before making changes to your garden, your first and major concern should be the safety of your garden. Generally, using pallets for your garden is good and poses no harm, but be sure where you’re getting your pallet wood from. Some pallets are treated with methyl bromide. Methyl bromide is listed as an endocrine, disrupting chemical on the EU list. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

“Methyl bromide is an odorless, colorless gas used to control a wide variety of pests in agriculture and shipping, including fungi, weeds, insects, nematodes (or roundworms), and rodents.”

According to the EPA, methyl bromide is a toxic substance as it can cause Nervous and respiratory system failure; methyl bromide can be contacted through skin, eyes, or air that is contaminated with it. It also destroys the ozone layers. Before purchasing a pallet, be sure it is not treated with methyl bromide, only then can you be assured that it is safe for your garden.

What can I make out of pallets to use for gardening?

Wood pallets can be recycled for various things aside from planting. Here is a list of things you can use the pallet from when not used for planting.

1. Fence

How To Make A Pallet Garden
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Old pallets can be used to make a demarcation between two or more places, if you have a large field and there are many types of farming you do on your field i.e gardening, poultry, cowshed, etc. You could use your old pallet to build a fence/demarcation, that way you’ve put them into different sections, and most importantly, your animals are not able to walk all over your garden, causing damage.

2. Living wall

This is also known as a vertical garden, this is suitable for you if you desire to garden but do not have enough space. A vertical garden is done by putting a weed mat in the pocket space of the pallet, then you fill it in with your soil and plant.

3. Compost bin

As a gardener, you need a compost bin in your garden, a compost bin serves as a place where your organic materials decompose to become fertilizer for your plant. Your organic materials need an environment to decompose, your pallet can be turned into a compost bin, you just have to join four pallets to form a square (depending on how many pallets you have and how big or long you desire it to be) and you have your compost bin!

4. Raised bed

A raised bed is also another method to use when you want to garden in a small space. Plants in a raised bed tend to grow up quickly. Also, a raised bed protects your plant from certain pests. Like rabbits. Your old pallet is a beautiful tool for making your raised bed. 

5. Garden swing

Garden swing is one of the things that amplify the beauty of your garden. Buying a garden swing can be expensive. If you have old pallets in your garden, simply put two pallets together, side by side, add your ropes to hang on a tree, and place your mattress on it. You have your swing. 

6. Garden bench

Like making a garden swing, the pallet can also be used to make your garden bench, where you can rest after working or sit to admire your garden. You can check YouTube for ways to make your garden bench.

7. Wine rack

You do not need to buy a wine rack, if you have old pallets at home, your wood pallet can be detached and redesigned as a wine rack for you.

There are many more beautiful things your unused pallet can be recycled into.

Where can I find free pallets near me?

Finding places to get free pallets seems like an impossible mission, however, there are businesses where their goods come with pallets, many of them have too many pallets than they know what to do with them.

Some businesses that may have pallets to give you for free are Hardware stores, equipment stores, grocery stores, sawmills, bars, liquor stores, etc. You can also make use of the internet. Because of the internet, it is easier to find what you need faster. Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter can provide you with the pallet you need, all you need do is ask.

How do I make a living wall out of a pallet?

We mentioned earlier, that one of the ways you can recycle a pallet is by using it as a living wall. Living walls or vertical gardens are one of the recently noticed ways to make your garden, they are beautiful and also serve as an alternative garden for people who do not have a lot of space around them to make a garden. You can get a professionally designed living wall. However, they are costly! Here are some ways to turn your pallet into a living wall by yourself.

What will you be needing?

  • Pallet
  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Measuring tape
  • Weed mat
  • Scissors
  • Fertilizer
  • Staple gun

Step 1

The first thing to do is to stand your pallet to the permanent place it’s going to be. It’s much easier to make your living wall there because filling it with soil and plants will make it heavy and hard to move.

Step 2

Measure the length, width, and depth of the pallet, this is for you to get the size of your weed mat which will be used to cover the back and also to make the pockets. After this, you also measure your weed mat according to the measurement of your pallet and cut it.

Step 3

How To Make A Pallet Garden (Complete Guide)

Place the mat at the back and make sure it gets to the sides of the pallet and the bottom( this will serve as the pocket) Attach the mat to the pallet with your nail and trim off the excess mat around it.

Step 4

Measure and cut your weed mat pocket to fit in the space available for them and staple them. Fill in the pockets with soil.

Step 5

You can now put your plants into the soil. Make sure to give them space.

You can also put a little hole into your living wall pocket to allow drainage.

In Conclusion

You’re ready! You have your living wall.

With this guide, you should be ready to make use of your pallet, either as a garden, to beautify, or to make other things. A pallet is your go-to when you need to manage space, and also make your garden beautiful.