Is Morning Or Afternoon Sun Better For Tomatoes?

Is Morning Or Afternoon Sun Better For Tomatoes?

Can tomatoes get too much sun? Tomatoes are really great vegetables to have in your garden, they require at least 8 hours of direct sunlight but are easy to care for and they can definitely get too much sun which will cause the soil to lose water quickly through evaporation.

Tomatoes are heavy feeders meaning that they require lots of nutrients to thrive and are wild about fertilizers as well however watering and sunlight are also very essential in growing a tasty tangy blemish-free tomato.

Tomatoes thrive in full sun, but they can also get too much sun, so it is often wondered if tomatoes are more suited to afternoon sunlight than the morning.

You can grow tomatoes in a container or on the ground, just make sure it is not overcrowded, and to keep up with the energy requirement of a tomato plant, you need to keep the photosynthesis process to a maximum and this requires sunlight however, the sunlight does not have to be consecutive.

There are different varieties of tomatoes and while some tomatoes need heat to develop well, some varieties will grow in the cooler coastal area. If you are looking for ways to improve in growing your tomatoes, here are things you should know.

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Is morning or afternoon sun better for tomatoes?

Tomatoes need sunlight to grow and they are vigorous growers that require maximum sun hence six to eight hours of sunlight is recommended however the hours of sunlight are not consecutive which means tomatoes can be grown successfully in either afternoon or morning sun.

Morning sunlight has the highest ultraviolet intensity and it is suitable for your tomatoes as it allows them to take full advantage of the conditions and produce the much-required energy and afternoon sunlight also offers tomatoes the needed ultraviolet intensity without the extra high heat.

How much sun do tomatoes need?

Sunlight is very essential for growing tomatoes and if you are wondering how much sun a day do tomatoes need, tomato experts advise shading your tomatoes accordingly and six to eight hours of sun are all your tomatoes need for healthy growth.

Tomatoes don’t really need the sun to ripen and they mature faster in the absence of sunlight but the reason why tomatoes need sunlight is simple, the plant transforms sunlight into energy which in turn is used by the plant to grow strong, bloom, and produces more fruits.

Is Morning Or Afternoon Sun Better For Tomatoes?

Final Thoughts

The bigger the tomato, the more sun it needs and it needs as much afternoon sun as the morning but often benefit from a combination of the two and you should know providing more direct morning sun for your plant is great as it creates more heat and tomatoes thrive in full sun, fertile, well-drained and slightly acidic soil.

The key to successful tomato production is to combine the hours of sunlight and while planting tomato plants, the goal is to maximize light and at the same time minimize the harmful effect of heats.

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