Pancakes: High Heat Or Low Heat

Pancakes: High Heat Or Low Heat

You can make delicious homemade pancakes in 30 minutes as soon as you learn how to make pancakes from scratch and truth be told, this can be achieved and all you is the perfect recipe and the suitable temperature to make this possible. Pancakes require a bit of work but the effort is always worth it and if you are a sucker for this amazing breakfast then you will find them irresistible. Pancakes are relatively easy to make but the struggle does come up when it comes to making it come up in a fluffy golden circle and this where the question of what temperature to cook pancakes needs to be addressed.

There are a few things you must know before making pancakes from scratch and there is nothing as great as settling into the weekend with a deliciously comforting breakfast and what better way to get it than with well-made pancakes.

Pancakes make the best breakfast option especially for kids and the goodness is that is easy and on days where you are too tired to conceive the idea of making dinner, pancakes are the easiest and fastest food to think of. The key to a great pancake however is techniques and avoiding some common mistakes and to get your dream pancake, the temperature is important.

Pancakes: High Heat Or Low Heat

The key to a golden brown delicious pancake is setting your stove to the right temperature which means the pan needs to be hot but the heat doesn’t need to be cranked high. Temperature control is highly needed if you want to prepare the perfect pancake. It would, therefore, be better if you can get a griddle pan that has appropriate temperature control as its features. However, if you can’t get, you can make do with what you have and then make sure you put it in the right temperature range.

When preheating put the temperature at 3750 F, as soon as you begin to prepare the pancakes, turn it a bit down to about 360 or 3700 F once you start to cook the pancakes and then put it up again to the most suitable temperature for a pancake griddle to be in use, this is about 3750 Fahrenheit to about 3900 Fahrenheit.

Do not set or make the heat too high, if the heat is too high, it does not imply that the pancakes will cook faster rather they will become uneven and have burned around them. Yes, the griddle pan needs to be hot but when it becomes too hot the pancake on fire is likely to burn at the bottoms while its inside is still doughy and raw.

Therefore keep the heat at medium. Outright low heat is a no as this would not make the pancake be properly cooked. Therefore in ensuring that your pancake is well cooked make sure the heat recommendation stated above is followed to the letter.

A 3750 Fahrenheit to about 3900 Fahrenheit. The level of heat should be maintained while cooking. This will do well in making sure that your pancakes come out perfectly well and delicious.

Why are my pancakes so dense?

Dense pancakes are caused if there are too many eggs and not enough of it will also cause your pancakes to be drier and more biscuit-like. While pancakes are easy to make, you can easily make mistakes with the batter mixing which could cause it to turn out not so great and some basic mistakes can’t be avoided if you are making pancakes for the first time however this gets better with time. 

Why do I keep burning my pancakes?

The possible explanation for burnt pancakes are high heat setting, high heat doesn’t cook pancakes faster, it rather cooks them unevenly with burnt outsides hence you may have to reduce the heat as the pan gets hotter and hotter especially when cooking lots of pancakes. If you end with burnt or deflated pancakes then you are flipping them too soon or too late hence before flipping, watch out for bubbles on the edges, this will ensure you have an evenly cooked pancake. Ensure to add and heat some fat before adding the batter.

Is it okay to eat burnt pancakes?

Yes, It’s probably okay to eat burnt pancakes as nobody really knows since burnt toast isn’t high on the research list and their sin;t mush evidence on how harmful burn pancakes are but if you are worried about this then you should probably scrap the burned stuff off your pancakes. 

Pancakes: High Heat Or Low Heat