How To Make Pancakes On A Griddle

How To Make Pancakes On A Griddle

Every household has its own pancake recipe and while everyone is familiar with the process of mixing pancakes but cooking pancakes them on a griddle is known as the best tool for making pancakes. A griddle with temperature control is the best type of griddle for pancakes and after you have this, all you need to worry about is making a great pancake, griddle with temperature control allows you to make pancakes without worrying about temperature fluctuations which could ruin the result of the pancakes. Pancakes are a delicacy that is greatly loved and the method of preparing varies from one household to another.

There are many ways one can enjoy pancakes which include bacon, cheese, or sausages, syrups, and not to forget the many delicious toppings that could also be added thus resulting in eating a tasty pancake, however, there can be a challenge if this is not prepared properly especially if you are making use of a griddle.

A griddle pan is a wide flat cooking surface area with a heat source, it helps make the preparation of a large number of pancakes turn out well however some tips are needed to make it turn out great, a griddle is not just great for pancakes alone but excellent for making foods like bacon, sausages, french toast, home fries, and eggs. A griddle can also be used in making sandwiches and anything else that can be made on a frying pan.

It is a good tool and popularly used by large households as it would create room to prepare a large number of pancakes at a time. A griddle should have a large non-stick surface preferably made of steel or cast-iron, this is the best way to make perfect pancakes.

How To Make Pancakes On A Griddle

You can make pancakes of any varieties one you learn how to make it from scratch using a griddle and this is one delightful meal that can be enjoyed with family and friends at any time of the day depending on the season. Everyone loves pancakes in every shape and size and it gets more interesting when you can create perfect pancakes in no time with a griddle. Make sure to get a cooking spray before even though most griddles a nonstick cooking surface, pancakes tend to be extra sticky hence we recommend having one at hand, and now is the important tips needed to make pancakes on a griddle.

  • First of all, ensure the griddle has been preheated. Then you can use coconut oil on the griddle surface instead of applying fat or lard; this would make the pancake come out very crispy and would also give the griddle pan a good smell thus having a feel on the pancakes too.
  • The right temperature for a griddle pan to be in use is from about 375 Fahrenheit. to about 400
  • Once this is done put the amount of already smooth and prepared batter onto the surface of the pancake griddle, note that the size of the pancake griddle also influences this, and put into consideration that there should at least be a distance of an inch existing in between the pancakes.
  • Afterward, lay back waiting for the already put batter to form a bubble in its center and then solidify; then you can flip the pancake using a spatula and let the other side do the same. Make sure that the pancakes are evenly brown.

Is it better to cook pancakes with butter or oil?

You can use any of these two depending on the taste you are going for, the milk solids are going to cause the butter to burn however you can use regular butter and wipe your pan off after every two batches or so and you can also make use of clarifying butter in which the milk solids have already been separated. Vegetable oil is a classic cooking fat for making your pancakes, oil can be really hot without burning however this can be said about butter.

How long should pancakes cook on each side?

After heating the pan on medium for about 10 minutes and your batter is poured into the griddle, cook the first side until bubbles form on top for about three minutes before dipping to the other side till it is brown for about two minutes.

Why do my pancakes stick to the griddle?

If your pancakes are sticking to the griddle, this could be caused by a few different things and the key to a griddled pancake is to avoid some of these things. Here are the reasons why pancakes stick to the griddle:

  • You may not have added enough butter/oil to the pan or it has not been spread evenly across the griddle¬†
  • The temperature of your pan may be too hot and the will can the butter/oil to burn along with the pancake which causes sticking
  • You may have tried to flip the pancake before the first side is fully cooked, look out for small bubble formed and brown edges before flipping
  • If a lot of ingredients made on your griddle are sticking then it may not be properly seasoned. Ensuring a proper seasoning will prevent food from sticking to your griddle.

How To Make Pancakes On A Griddle