How Long Should My Propane Grill Last

How Long Should My Propane Grill Last?

The ease and convenience of using a propane grill have made it one of the essential grills for many households, it is also known as liquid propane and it is fueled by a propane tank which means you will have to rely on a portable propane tank which would be fitted next to or underneath your grill and it is important to have enough propane whether you use it to heat your home or to fire up the grill, you should also know how long your propane is going to last, knowing this can save you from running out of propane when you need it. You can move a propane grill anywhere you like which makes it easy when you need to refill it hence you need to understand how quickly you use propane and a grill is something we use on a regular basis.

The quality of a grill has something to do with how long it lasts and many families expect it to last for many years and so long it is kept out of the weather then it can last for a very long time. How you out your propane grill to use will play a role in how long your fuel source lasts and of course when proper care is being taken with it and all the appropriate parts are replaced at the appropriate time then you can enjoy fresh steaks off the grill at all time.

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your propane grill in good condition, you should check your propane tank for leaks and rusting. But how do you know when a propane tank is getting low and how long does a propane tank last? Read on for the answers to these two vital questions.  

How Long Should My Propane Grill Last? 

The quality of your grill definitely has something to do with how it is being maintained and even though the price is not a prerequisite to having a lasting grill.  Grill repair is very common although its parts and repairs are fairly inexpensive especially when compared to the price of the grill. A grill generally is not meant to be thrown away just because it may need new parts, it can easily be changed and there are many articles online that can help with how to troubleshoot your grill. Grill maintenance and functions might be similar to that of a vehicle. A gas grill can last up to 20 years if proper care and maintenance are done. 

Just like a vehicle, a grill itself is destined to last many years as long it is kept out of harsh weather. A grill can be kept on a covered deck or patio, and if a grill is used in the open, it is very wise to put it away somewhere such as a shed when it is not in use.

Parts of a grill that may need to be replaced include,

  • Flavorizer bars
  • Grates
  • Burners 
  • Gas liners
  • Pressure regulators 

Flavorizer bars and grates will require to be changed at least once every five years provided your grill is used regularly but kept in good condition. If your grill is not used frequently, the flavorizer bars and grates will need to be replaced once about every three years.

Burners may require being replaced every five to ten years. Approximately, a grill shelf life is twice that of its burners. A leak, of course, shows the gas line is out of place but if there is no leak, it’s irrelevant to change the gas line unless they are starting to look warn and you feel they are a danger. But generally, 2 to 3 years is ok to change out your gas lines.

Do propane grills need charcoal?

No, the majority of propane grill does not need charcoal, they are rather designed to handle the heat created by burners and not the heat created by using charcoal. There are definitely charcoal grills that are more portable than gas grills while propane grills are easy to heat up and they require less maintenance than a charcoal grill. It is very likely that you are going to have hot burning embers falling out of your grill if you try to use charcoals in propane grills.

Is a gas grill the same as propane?

Yes, a gas grill means the same thing as a propane grill as it refers to the same thing. Propane, liquid propane, propane gas, and Lp all refer to the same thing when it comes to grills, gas grills are fueled by either propane or natural gas and to get more technical, propane gas is put under pressure hen it’s stored in a tank and in that state, it is pressurized and turns into liquid.

Can a propane grill explode?

Yes, a propane grill can explode if a gas valve is left on which causes a build-up and later ignited by a flame, it could also explode if temperatures are over 160°, it can increase the pressure inside the tank and this exceeds the tanks safety release valve’s capacity which can lead to an explosion. A propane grill is however safe as long as preventive measures are being taken and all tanks should be stored in a safe location.