Peanut Butter Alternatives

Peanut Butter Alternatives: 7 Healthy Spreads Like Peanut Butter

We all love peanut butter but nut allergies are a common occurrence that stops lots of people from being fans of peanuts.

A peanut allergy can mean different things to different people, often involving, itching, hives and vomiting, and in some serious situations, anaphylaxis, and death. Some people may have a severe allergy or a small one however it is best to stay away from it regardless of how serious the allergy is.

There are lots of peanut butter alternatives and all you have to do is find a healthy substitute. While peanut butter is a healthy source of omega 3 fatty acids, important for strong bones, metabolism, and reproductive health. It might be quite hard refraining from foods that contain nuts such as peanut butter but not to worry, they are healthy alternatives you can try.

Peanut butter is a yummy and delicious ingredient for smoothies and sandwiches but in a case where it’s not an option and an alternative is needed, fortunately for peanut butter lovers, we have hunt down alternatives to give you all the peanut love you want.

7 Healthy Peanut Butter Substitutes to Try

Allergies or difficulty digesting these nuts can rule out your chance of fueling your body with peanut butter but you don’t have to fret though. If you need a great substitute for peanut butter than is also of high quality, contains protein and magnesium, below are 7 alternative food spreads just like peanut butter.

1. Almond Butter

Almond butter is made from grinding almonds into nut butter. It is a common peanut butter alternative and it can be made crunchy or smooth just like peanut butter tends to be. Almond butter is a better source of omega 3 fatty acid than peanut butter. They are the most nutritionally dense which means they contain the highest concentration of nutrients per calorie and ounce.

Making almond butter at home is quite simple and more healthy. There are also lots of DIY online for making your own almond butter and you can shake things up with an almond butter smoothie. Almond butter has 11 percent less saturated fat and 8 percent more calcium than peanut butter.

Almond nutritional fact: 190 calories, 18g fat (2g sat fat), 7g protein

2. Sunflower Butter

Sunflower butter is also known as sunflower seed butter and it’s a paste food made from sunflowers. This is another common substitute for peanut butter and it’s not just healthy but keeps you fug ll and energized for a very long time. Sunflowers are a great source of protein and with its unique taste, it makes a great alternative to peanut butter.

While sunflower butter is technical seeds butter and offers less protein than most nut butter, it still has significantly more iron, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin E, and less saturated fat than peanut butter.

Nutritional fact: 180 calories, 16g fat (2g sat fat), 7g protein

3. Cashew Butter

Cashew butter is a food spread worth having in the house, it is made from baked or roasted. It is an alternative that doesn’t have as much protein like peanut butter but is an excellent source of other important nutrients copper and iron in addition to having some proteins and fat. Cashew butter has slightly more omega 3 power than peanut butter.

Nutritional fact: 190 calories, 14g fat (4g sat fat), 5g protein.

4. Wowbutter Soy Spread

Another and delicious alternative to peanut butter is wow butter soy spread. This has a great taste and contains lots’ of vital nutrients. It is available in creamy and crunchy. This is a lot similar to peanut butter but when it comes to ingredients, however, it is a lot different. Wowbutter soy spread can be found in natural food stores or most grocery stores.

Nutritional facts: 200 calories, 15g fat, 7g protein

5. Hazelnut Butter

The hazelnut food spread is a good source of omega 6 fatty acid, it is made from crushed and blended hazelnut. This food spread has half the protein in peanut butter however it can be fortified with pasta which is another protein-packed food. Hazelnuts have relatively low calories compared to other seed and nut butter. It is rich in all the necessary nutrients such as fiber, vitamin E, copper, and manganese.

Hazelnut should not be consumed in excess though as it could contain a good deal of sugar compared to other butter. Some popular hazelnut brands add chocolate flavoring too however be sure to read the nutrition label for sugar and fat content before buying.

Nutritional facts: 180 calories, 17g fat (1g sat fat), 4g protein.

6. Kween Granola Butter

If you enjoy the taste of granola, this is worth substituting peanut butter for. Kween granola butter is lightly sweet and delightfully spreadable. It is made from seven ingredients some of which includes gluten-free rolled oat, golden flax seeds, and pure unrefined maple syrup. This is the best food spread if you are allergic to nuts, it is easy to stir and spread on your toast or drizzle it on your smoothie.

Nutritional facts: 190 calories, 15g fat (5g sat fat),  7g protein

7. Pistachio Butter

When it comes to healthy peanut butter replacement, pistachio butter is definitely worth checking out. It can be used as a spread for sweet or savory crepes and great if you are looking to up your protein intake. This food spread contains the same amount of calories as peanut butter but also about the same amount of protein. Pistachio butter can be a great option for those who need an electrolyte boost.

Pistachio butter is also a good source of potassium and it contains nutritions that are great for athletes.

Nutritional facts: 190 calories, 14g fat (1.5g), 7g protein.

Peanut Butter Alternatives

In Conclusion

There are countless alternatives for peanut butter but not all of them are created equal when it comes to healthiness. There are many varieties of nut butter and their alternatives that are worth trying and there are ones you need to avoid as well.

Certain types are rich in unsaturated fats, protein, and fiber with minimal additives. If you are wondering what the healthiest choices are, above are the 7 healthiest peanut butter alternatives worth trying.