8 Plants That Can Be Grown In Plastic Bottles

8 Plants That Can Be Grown In Plastic Bottles

Gardening in a bottle is one of the types of garden that can be used either outside your home; that is if you do not have enough space or Indoor.

Bottle garden is simply growing plants in a bottle. You can grow almost anything, ranging from vegetables to ornamental plants. It is a new way of growing your plants that is becoming fast acceptable. They’re easy to make and grow, they also allow you to be creative with your plants.

Some of the benefits of plastic bottle gardening are;

  • It aids water conservation.
  • You don’t have to worry about weed or weeding, this saves your time and stress.
  • You can garden anywhere; your apartment, your lawn, in your garden, greenhouse, just anywhere.
  • It adds to the aesthetics of your home or garden. Etc.

One of the most commonly asked questions on bottle gardens is the kind of plant to grow in the bottle.

This is important to know because some plants may not grow and some may outgrow the plastic plants that do not need a lot of spaces can be grown in plastic, however, there are some of these plants that require a lot of watering to grow well, these plants are almost impossible to grow in a plastic. So knowing the right plant is very important.

8 Plants That Can Be Grown In Plastic Bottles

Here’s a list of the ten best plants that can be grown in plastic bottles.

1. Rosemary

It is one of the members of the herbs family, it is usually used in the kitchen, the rosemary is an excellent plant to grow in a bottle, to enjoy an earlier harvest, it is always best to regrow your rosemary, either a store-bought or from rosemary cutting, this is because it is not easy to get the right condition to grow a rosemary seed.

The rosemary plants need some acidic environment even in a bottle, fill in your plastic bottle with some sand, add a little dry and acidic soil, and put in your rosemary, add water to make the plant grounded in the soil. Water your rosemary when you notice the soil is dry.

2. Spinach

Spinach is a very easy plant to grow, they do not require a lot of care, however, Spinach is not sun friendly, direct sunlight can be harmful to them. Spinach can be grown both inside and outside(however in a shady place) The winter is an excellent time for growing your Spinach. Before growing your Spinach, make sure your bottle is about 8 inches. The Spinach is a less stressful plant to grow in a plastic bottle.

3. Basil

Basil. mint, parsley, coriander - 10 Best Insects And Bug Repellant Plants For Your Garden
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This is also a part of the herb family. The basil is one of the excellent plants to grow in a bottle. It can be grown both indoor and outdoor. Unlike Spinach, basil needs about 6-8 hours of sunlight, so while you grow your basil indoors, make sure it gets direct sunlight. Basil is beginner-friendly, you can start with the seed and you should begin to see your basil plant sprout from 5-10 days after planting. While planting the basil, it is important to make use of the best type of potting soil.

4. Thyme

Thyme is another plant that is great with plastic bottles, they’re used for culinary purposes and they have a great fragrance when they’re grown. They do not require a lot of water to grow well but require a great amount of light; sun. You can also make use of artificial light. Growing thyme from seed can be tasking and stressful, hence, it is best you grow your Thyme from a cutting or your transplant from a store-bought Thyme.

3. Green onion

Green onion or scallions or spring onions according to Wikipedia are vegetables derived from various species in the genus Allium. They have a milder taste than other types of onions. They’re also known for growing well in plastic bottles.

They grow quite fast in a bottle. They need a lot of care, the green onion should receive a minimum of 4 hours of direct sunlight, and should be watered regularly for healthy growth. While planting the spring onion, be careful not to add a lot of onions, 1-2 onions in a bottle is ideal. You can start the growth from the seed.

4. Oregano

This is another easy and fast-growing herb in a plastic bottle. The oregano is similar to basil, you can begin its growth from seed or sittings. It is usually best to grow tin bottles sizes of 10-14 inches, however, they can be grown in smaller bottles. To grow them from cuttings, put your oregano in a bottle of water, after some days, you’ll begin to see the roots, gently transfer them into a bottle with potting soil. Oregano doesn’t require a lot of care to have healthy growth.

5. Strawberries

Strawberries in white basket. Fresh strawberries. Beautiful strawberries.

Strawberries have shallow roots, so they can be grown in a plastic bottle of about 8 inches. It can be grown all around the year with the use of artificial light. They also require a great amount of water to grow healthier. Once your strawberries begin to produce fruits, you may need to find a way to support the fruits because the space at the surface of your bottle will not be enough. You can also harvest immediately when your fruits are ripe, this is to give way for new fruits.

6. Sage

Sage is also a part of the herb family and can be grown in a plastic bottle. Sage can be grown inside the house or outside. They however require a lot of suns. If you decide to grow your plant in the sun, be sure to place it where it will get enough sunlight or you make use of artificial light. Sages are best used in the kitchen for cooking.

7. Lettuce

Lettuce can be grown in large plastic bottles, you can grow them from seed, however, it is best to grow them from cuttings or store-bought. Lettuce requires an amount of sunlight, you should place them where they’ll get the sun they require.

8. Kale

8 Plants That Can Be Grown In Plastic Bottles

Finally, Kale is a vegetable that is full of nutrients and vitamins. Kale is one of the best plants to grow in plastic bottles. You can also grow your Kale from seed. Kale can grow well in winter and summer but under different conditions. If you’ll be growing your Kale in summer, make sure to place it in a shady place, also, if you’ll be growing in the winter, make sure to place it where it will get direct sunlight.

Wrapping Up

Other plants do well in plastic containers with different instructions on how to care for them. Another important factor for planting in a plastic container is knowing the right container to use for your plants.

Some plastic bottles are harmful to the soil and plant and they can transport toxins when they are exposed to heat or sunlight.  There are 7 types of bottles and only 4 can be used for bottle gardening.