5 Ways to Protect Your Garden From The Wind

5 Ways to Protect Your Garden From The Wind

How do I protect my garden from the wind? Gardening can be so beautiful when everything is going well, the plants are growing nicely, the right amount of rain, enough to water the plants, the right proportion of sun and wind.

You’re getting your fruits, vegetables and the flowers are beautifying your environment. With some easy preparations, you can protect your garden from wind and help your garden survive harsh conditions. 

Your plants won’t always need protection but the well-being of your small plants should be of concern as it can be easily damaged or even wiped out during inclement weather. Fortunately, small flowers are easy to protect as long as quick action is taken to avoid storm damage to your garden.

However, gardening can also be frustrating, tiring, and messy. All of these feelings can come rushing on you when it seems as though the weather is against you. Read on to discover 5 ways to protect your garden from the wind and heavy rain.

Protecting Your Garden From The wind

The wind is simply the air that moves, it can go from gentle to fierce. The wind can cause a lot of damage to your gardens and plants. The wind is not all that bad for your garden, so it will be wrong for you to try to get the wind out of your gardens completely.

In some greenhouses, fans are fixed to act as wind for the plants.  The following are some of the benefits of the wind.

  • Gentle wind on the seedlings makes them grow stronger and have a stronger stem and this helps them withstand greater wind when they’re grown. A hormone called auxin is released whenever the wind tugs the plant. This hormone boosts growth in supporting cells of the plant.
  • The wind also makes movement easy. The wind helps spread nutrients and also stops some infections for the plants from forming.
  • The wind helps plants distribute their seed for reproduction. This is called anemochory. Flowers of all kinds have grown in different locations not because they were planted but because the wind distributed them there.

 The wind also supports the activities of the garden and see to it that the plants grow well. However, the wind can destroy the garden and damage the plant when it becomes heavy. For example, The wind causes loss of moisture to the plant, and when moisture is lost, the plant finds it hard to replace. Also, plants get brown patches as a result of the wind all over their leaves or on a portion of the leaves.

The wind cannot be stopped, however, there are ways to prevent the wind from damaging your garden and ruining your plants.

5 ways to protect your garden from wind

1. Location

When considering gardening, the first thing to note is the location, to prevent it from wind or erosion. Do not make your garden in a slope place. When the wind comes, it can be swept away, easily. Also, it is important to understand the direction of the wind; the fierce wind. You can know this by looking at the trees and plants in the environment. Are they bent? Which direction are they facing? These will give you a clue to know where will be suitable for you to start your garden.

2. Create Raised beds

According to Wikipedia, Raised-beds are square walls that are built with soils in them, they are usually built with wood, concrete, or stones, they can come in any length. A raised bed is a wonderful way to prevent the wind from hitting your garden, they can also prevent pests from tampering with your garden.

3. Plant hedgerows around your garden

According to Wikipedia, “A hedgerow is a line of closely spaced shrubs and sometimes trees, planted and trained to form a barrier or to mark the boundary of an area, such as between neighboring properties” you can surround your garden with hedgerows, however, it may take a while before the shrubs you need to withstand the wind grow.

When it is grown, it’s a great way to prevent your garden from the wind. If you don’t want to build hedgerows because of the expenses, you can always build walls around your garden, these walls must have spaces in them. Without the spaces in them, it can cause damages to your garden.

4. Install Windbreaks

5 Ways to Protect Your Garden From The Wind

Windbreaks are obstacles that are used to redirect and lessen the wind. Windbreaks are usually used in vast fields or farms and are built around the farm. They decrease soil erosion, reduce damages caused to plants by the wind or snow. They also beautify the terrain.

5. Wind hardy plants

Another way you prevent the wind from tampering with your garden is to plant some wind hardy plants at the beginning of your garden, farm, or field. You should also plant them in the windward region, this will help to protect the wind sensitive plants.

In Conclusion

The wind as stated earlier is an important part of our plant growth process, however, when it’s beyond the normal measure, it turns the garden into a shadow of what it is supposed to be.

These strategies will prevent the wind from hitting and ruining your garden, they will also save you lots of stress. Planting and growing your own vegetables can be very rewarding but learning to protect your plants from pests and winds is essential.