Does Soy Sauce Have To Be Refrigerated?

Does Soy Sauce Have To Be Refrigerated? FAQ Inlcuded (2021)

Does soy sauce have to be refrigerated? Not really, soy sauce does not have to be refrigerated. Soy sauce can stay at room temperature for a decent amount of time and nothing bad really happens however you can only refrigerate if you will be keeping it for more than a year.

The refrigerator, for some of us, has become more than what it is originally made for. it has already become a place to keep kinds of stuff, especially when we cannot decide exactly where they should go.

One of the many things often shoved into the refrigerator is soy sauce. You are probably already asking yourself if that isn’t where it is supposed to be. Is it? Continue to find out.

Does soy sauce need to be refrigerated?

The answer is No, soy sauce does not need to be refrigerated, you are not required to refrigerate soy sauce most of the time. Soy sauce is a liquid condiment that has its origin in China; it is made of a fermented paste of soybeans, wheat, brine, and a mold known as koji. It has been in use for over 1000 years.

Because soy sauce is fermented, it can stay at room temperature for a long time without getting spoilt, the microorganism around it, not only gives it flavor but also preserves it. This is also the same for other fermented condiments like fish sauce.

An unopened soy sauce can be kept for the longest of time; you can also keep an opened bottle at room temperature for up to one year.

Does this mean keeping soy sauce in the refrigerator will make it go bad? No, keeping your soy sauce in the refrigerator is also a way to preserve it; however, you don’t need to do that. You can keep your soy sauce in the refrigerator when it is unopened for over one year, this is to retain the taste and flavor.

Soy Sauce FAQ

Is unrefrigerated Soy Sauce Safe To Eat?

Yes, unrefrigerated soy sauce is as safe as a sauce. Refrigerating it does not preserve it more than keeping it at room temperature. It is even best to leave it at room temperature; this will leave more room for other things that are more needful for the fridge.

Can You Get Food Poisoning From Soy Sauce?

Consuming soy sauce may not lead to food poisoning; however, consuming soy sauce frequently may a whole lot of illnesses i.e. high blood pressure, kidney stones, heart failure, or stroke. These illnesses can be associated with too much sodium. Soy sauce has a high sodium content, a tablespoon of soy sauce contains 902 milligrams of sodium and that’s about 38% of the daily recommendation of sodium intake. However, taking soy sauce normally should not result in food poisoning, this also includes soy sauce that has lasted for a long time, and however, it may have a weak taste.

What Condiments Do Not Need To Be Refrigerated After Opening? 

Knowing the condiments that can be out of the refrigerator will help you create space and fix those things that are more important in the refrigerator. Here are condiments that do not need to be refrigerated; soy sauce, oyster sauce, honey, fish sauce, and hot sauce.

Does Soy Sauce Have MSG?

MSG refers to Monosodium glutamate, which is a form of glutamate acid(an amino acid that contributes to one of the five basic flavors in food; umami) MSG is a flavor enhancer, which is found naturally in some foods and can also be used as a food additive. Glutamate acid is naturally produced in soy sauce during the process of fermentation. For chemically produced soy sauce, MSG is added to enhance its flavor.

Can You Get Drunk Off Soy Sauce?

The answer is NO. Soy sauce is made from soybeans which are known as vegetables, although soy sauce contains alcohol, it is only about 1-2%. While it may be considered forbidden for some people due to this, the alcohol content is not enough to get one drunk, even if you drink many liters of it.

What Is The Difference Between Japanese Soy Sauce And Chinese Soy Sauce?

Japanese soy sauce is made with toasted wheat and is usually less salty, however, Chinese soy sauce is made with wheat flour and is saltier than the other.

Is Soy Sauce Healthy?

Yes! For one, soy sauce is said to contain isoflavones; these are compounds that are numerous benefits like improving cholesterol and reducing symptoms of menopause.

How Can You Tell If Soy Sauce Has Gone Bad?

The surest way to identify soy sauce that has gone bad is in its smell and looks. The soy sauce will most likely develop an unwanted odor and look, you may also notice mold on it. When all of these are seen, it is best to throw them away.

Does Soy Sauce Have To Be Refrigerated?

Final Thoughts

 You may have been filling up your refrigerator spaces with unnecessary things, now is the time to toss them out and fill them with more important things. soy sauce may still look good even after the “best before date” on it, however, it will most likely have a different flavor.

If you will be keeping your soy sauce for over a year, then you can put it in the refrigerator to preserve its taste.