Disinfecting kitchen cabinets get rid of ants inside kitchen cabinet

5 Ways to Get Rid Of Ants On Kitchen Cabinets

Sick of the ants in your kitchen cabinet? Not all ants respond to the same method when it comes to getting rid of them and when it comes to these pests and critters, the last thing you want is them taking residence in your kitchen or cabinet, this can be really frustrating and some of these ants can carry bacteria to your food.

Ants wind up in the kitchen by coming through the window, open doors, and even your kitchen cabinets and they often attracted by food, it is difficult to keep the ants out if you constantly have something that attracts them laid in the open in your kitchen. If you find yourself waging war against ants in your kitchen, it’s time to learn a new method that helps you get rid of them.

The first and important step to take when you notice ants infestation is to figure out what kind of ants is causing the problem and how they get into your kitchen. It is vital you get ants in your kitchen cabinets as soon as you can as they can easily get into your food containers and pantry.

How do I get rid of ants on my kitchen cabinets? While there are certainly more harmful pests than ants, having them around the house could be annoying especially when you have them close to where your store and prepare your foods. Use this guide to learn more about how to get rid of ants on your kitchen cabinets.

Where Did The Ants Come From?

The kitchen cabinet is one of the most common places to find ants once you have an infestation and lot’s of people who wants to get rid of ants wonder how they get an infestation in the first place and once you are aware of where the ants are coming from, you can determine how they get on your kitchen cabinets and getting rid of them can be permanent instead of the short term if the cause of it is not sorted out first.

Check these areas to figure how these pesky ants get on your kitchen cabinets.

  • The first entry point for the ants to look out for cracks around doors that lead to your kitchen, observe those ants in the kitchen for a minute and find out where they are coming from.
  • Check inside cabinets that might be positioned on an exterior wall, ensure to check the outsides of these areas, as well as ants, can easily pass through damaged cabinetry.
  • Inspect around your home for tree houses or branches that might attract these ants to your kitchen
  • A torn screen or window in your kitchen can make it easy for ants to get into your kitchen.

How To Get Rid Of Ants On Kitchen Cabinets

5 Ways to Get Rid Of Ants On Kitchen Cabinets

To keep your kitchen cabinets free from ants, there are a couple of chemical methods that could get this done, killing one and isn’t the solution, after discovering you have ants infestation and discovering where they come from, the nest line is wiping out the ant’s colony and keep your kitchen cabinet free and clean. Here is how to get ways that can help get rid of ants permanently.

1. Sprinkle Flour Or Cinnamon

Sprinkling cinnamon or flour keeps the ants away and this is a very effective method but might not offer a lasting solution until the whole ant colony is cleared.

Ants are typically repelled by flour or cinnamon which means you can have it on your kitchen cabinets to keep the ants away and it is considered a great option if you do want to use chemicals on your kitchen cabinets especially when food is being kept there. This can be a little messy though but it can help deter the ants from your kitchen.

2. Herbal Ants Repellant

Similarly to flour and cinnamon, some herbs help get rid of ants in your kitchen, herbs are natural ways to get rid of ants, they love sugar and could smell them miles away but hate spices and herbs like bay leaves, mint, cayenne pepper, cloves, garlic, and sage.

Sprinkle a little sage or bay leaves on your kitchen cabinets and other noticeable cracks or strategically around your food storage to deter them.

3. Use Traps To Kill The Colony

Another way to make sure ants stay away from your kitchen cabinets entirely is to make traps to get rid of the whole colony and get an ant’s free kitchen. For many ants species, the best way to get rid of them is using bait, this is sure to get rid of them really fast, keeping ants away from your kitchen requires getting rid of efforts and a well-managed kitchen.

Identify the kind of ants you have in your kitchen so s to get the right kind of ant trap that gets them all and you can get rid of them. Some homemade ant trap includes borax with a tablespoon of sugar or diatomaceous.

4. Use Citrus

If you are sick of having all kinds of ants on your kitchen cabinet or around your home, use citruses like lemon, oranges, or grapefruits and harness the power of the acidic oil found in the peel to get rid of ants and keep your kitchen clean at all time.

5. Kick Up Your Cleaning Routine

Ants wind up in the kitchen through cracks, windows, open doors, and even kitchen cabinets and this can easily be traced and these damaged seals are easy to access to ants hence if you have consistent ants problem even after sealing the cracks then it’s quite possible you are not cleaning your kitchen as often as you should. Make sure you are keeping your kitchen counter and cabinets free from crumbs and ensure to wipe off sticky mess as soon as possible.

In Conclusion

The kitchen counter and cabinets are the easiest places you are going to find ants, you will find ants as soon as you have an infestation, ants are constantly on the hunt for food and your kitchen and bathroom are the easiest places to look into.

The first step is discovering the point of entry for these ants and once you find this out any of the simple methods above can be used to get rid of them. Your kitchen cabinet should be kept clean and free from food particles at all times.

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