How Long to Boil Ribs Before Grilling

How Long to Boil Ribs Before Grilling

From ordinary pork ribs, you can cook a real delicacy, knowing a few subtleties. To save time, the housekeepers immediately start cooking them on the grill. However, the cooks advise that at the initial stage, it is necessary to boil the ribs.

Since the composition of the ribs includes bones, a fat layer, and a muscle layer, the additional heat treatment will only benefit.

It is not difficult to cook the ribs on a grill if you correctly approach the choice of the component.

How to prepare the ribs?

For the grill, you should buy fleshy ribs. It is more convenient to cook parts of 10-15 cm in size, so it is better to buy them already chopped. Let the seller cut the ribs since the inept cutting of ribs at home is fraught with injuries.

For boiling, we advise taking chilled ribs since you will spend more time on frozen ones. Even in a hurry, experienced cooks do not recommend using a microwave, hot or cold water.

Defrosting of the product should be slow and gradual. You will need a minimum amount of products: 1 kg of ribs; 15-20 g of salt; 1.5 liters of cold water; spices to taste: pepper, bay leaf, ground pepper. The liquid should cover the ribs with a margin. Put the raw ribs in boiling water.

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Detailed instructions

1. Wash the pork ribs well under running water, dry them slightly.

2. Take any spices for taste: salt, ground pepper, pepper peas, bay leaf.

3. It is better to cut the ribs into pieces before cooking. You should not cut them too finely since you are not cooking soup.

4. Move the ribs to a saucepan and pour boiling water so that the water covers the meat for two fingers. If you put them in cold water, you will get a rich broth and a lot of foam, which is not desirable in this case.

5. Add the bay leaf and allspice to the pot.

6. Cook over low heat under the lid for 50 minutes. Mark the cooking time after the water boils. The time indicated is for pieces of 10-15 cm in size. Salt them 5 minutes before they are ready.

7. Remove the foam all the time until there is.

8. Turn off the fire, immediately get the ribs out. You should not leave them in the pot because the taste of the finished dish will become watery.

9. Put the boiled ribs on a plate and cool slightly.

10. For grilling, apply one tablespoon of kebab ketchup or mayonnaise to the ribs. Sprinkle with salt and spices to taste. Smear them with this sauce on all sides.

11. Put the pork ribs smeared with sauce on a frying pan covered with baking paper. Put it to the grill.

12. The grilling time of one serving is usually 5-7 minutes.

13. Fragrant and juicy ribs are ready! You can serve them with potatoes, vegetables, porridges, and pasta.

Which grill to choose for cooking? 

Ceramic grills are best suited for cooking ribs. For example, you can use the Kamado ceramic grill. This grill originates from the traditional Japanese kamado oven. Such grills have specific characteristics

They combine ancient cooking secrets and modern technologies. If you’re still at a loss, take a look at this list of kamado grills.

Bon appetite!