Why You Need A Ductless Range Hood

Why You Need A Ductless Range Hood

What is a ductless range hood? How does a ductless range hood works? A ductless is not as complicated as it sounds, it is a kitchen exhaust fan that recirculates your kitchen air and its primary purpose is to ventilate your kitchen and remove the smokes, smell, and heat that comes from cooking especially if you cook frequently. Renovating a kitchen can be quite overwhelming and you need to familiarize yourself with some basic kitchen terminologies and one of them is a ductless range hood, you don’t have to worry about your stove placement.

If you are choosing a ductless range hood and there are a couple of reasons why it’s needed in the kitchen and there are many benefits attached to having one in your kitchen.

A ductless range hood goes beyond updating your kitchen however the stress of installing one has many people backing out of it however there is always a suitable substitute which is the range hood which is also known as the ductless hood and as long as you maintain your range hood filters, the circled air remains just as clean as the air coming from a vented.

Don’t forget about a ductless range hood when updating your kitchen as it has some vital role to play although the ducted range hood is mostly found in commercial kitchens it is becoming increasingly popular in residential homes depending on your kitchen layout and cooking habits. 

Why You Need A Ductless Range Hood

A ductless range hood is designed with powerful exhaust fans to filter smoke and dirty air before blowing it back into the room and it is not equipped with any ducts or pipes to channel airborne particles outside the kitchen and this is what differentiates it from a ducted range hood. A ductless range hood is quite versatile, it uses a recirculation process to improve your indoor air quality and it works by sucking greasy kitchen air through mesh or baffle filters.

The majority of residential building codes do not need a range hood over a stove or cooktop, but you should be wise to make sure that your premises are no exception. You will find it long and hard before you miss a hood entirely, even if it isn’t legally necessary.

The range hood is designed to collect oil, moisture, and odors from the air but not all hood is manufactured on an equal basis. Here’s a quick overview of the ventilation systems in the kitchen that you want to consider

A ductless hood vent has the key advantage that it is much better placed. It can be placed almost anywhere in the house, as the walls or roof do not have to be attached to a conduit. A ductless hob off vent provides you with more choices on where and how to mount it, should you renovate your kitchen and you do not want to build or push ductwork around.

Maintaining your ductless range hood is fairly easy, the most important step to follow in keeping it effective and functioning is the cleaning and replacing the filter. Most hoods come with a charcoal filter that needs to be replaced every 3 to 6 months. Don’t forget to remove the buildup and grease from, the hoods fan blade. 

Are ductless range hoods any good?

No, the ductless range has the advantage of being installed anywhere, they are more versatile but they are nowhere as near as effective. They are good enough to help filter some grease and cooking odors from the air but they do not remove heat and humidity which means they won’t help your kitchen cool while you cook and they need more power to operate.

What should I look for in a ductless range hood?

There are many reasons why a ductless range might be ideal for your kitchen and to get you started on some factors to consider when looking for a ductless range hood, here are things to consider:

  • Ease of use 
  • Cooking range size
  • Build quality
  • Filtrations system
  • Power of the fan
  • Mounting style
  • Budget

How do I know I have a ductless range hood?

The best way to determine if you have a ductless range hood is whether you have ductwork or not and if you have no ductwork and your hood recirculates kitchen air then it’s ductless. Another pretty obvious way to know is if your hood comes with a carbon filter or a recirculating kit, it’s ductless.

Is ductless range hood safe?

Yes, ductless range hoods are safe to be used in the kitchen but if you cook often or love greasy Asian cooking then a ductless range hood might not be ideal. A ductless range hood won’t vent enough power to vent your hood to the outside, however, depending on your cooking styles, there are ductless range hood brands designed for all kinds of a kitchen that you can go for.

Why You Need A Ductless Range Hood