Do Dishwashing Gloves Have Latex?

Do Dishwashing Gloves Have Latex? (All You Should Know)

This is a pretty valid question to ask actually if you’re thinking of purchasing your first pair of dishwashing gloves.

Whether you’re one that cares about the environment and the questionable reusable/recyclable status of latex gloves or you have allergy concerns, in this very short guide, we broke everything down for you, in fact, we even have a guide recyclable dishwashing gloves, and what to do if yours isn’t.

Latex Explained Briefly

Latex is a natural material made from the milky white sap extracted from beneath the bark of mature rubber trees. Latex is biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Does dishwashing gloves have Latex?

Yes, some dishwashing gloves have latex. These are latex gloves. Although not all gloves are made from latex, some are made from rubber.

These latex gloves have both their advantages and their disadvantages. Some of their advantages and disadvantages are highlighted below for your enlightenment.

Advantages of Latex Dishwashing Gloves

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  • Latex gloves keep your hands up to 25 degrees cooler when they’re submerged in scalding water.
  • Latex gloves make your grip very firm when dishwashing so your soapy dishes don’t slip from your hands and break.
  • Latex gloves are very flexible, durable, extremely elastic, and resistant to tearing.
  • These gloves are super comfortable to wear, and when you put them on, they fit so a second skin, which makes it easy for you to wash even very delicate dishes without fear of them slipping from your grip.

Disadvantages of Latex Dishwashing Gloves

  • They are not recyclable and get contaminated very easily.
  • They cannot be used for a long period of time as rubber gloves can be.
  • Latex gloves are highly sensitive and can cause your skin to break out in rashes even without you being allergic to them.
  • Latex gloves can cause severe skin allergies, reaction, and irritation.

Wrapping it up

Some dishwashing gloves are made from latex and they do a very good job, but, if you notice that whenever you use them, your skin itches or you get severe skin allergies, it simply means that you are allergic to latex. So, all you need to do is stop using latex gloves and switch to rubber dishwashing gloves which are also very effective.

However, If you’re not allergic to latex, you can use them while very resting assured that they’ll do a very good job washing your dishes, but, do not also forget that they get contaminated really easily.

So, once you’re done with your latex gloves, do NOT try to recycle them, instead, toss them into a segregated waste bin and wash your hands immediately after doing that.