Which Is Better? Duct Or Ductless Range Hood?

Which Is Better? Duct Or Ductless Range Hood

If you are shopping for a range hood, you might be wondering which is better as not all range hoods are created equal as far as the benefits they offer. Ducted and ductless range hoods use fans to cut back on smoke and fine particles that get into the air while cooking but is quite important you make an educated choice as there is a major difference between the two.

Choosing between ducted and ductless range is an enormous decision to make and it often depends on your kitchen set-up and preferences. All the considerations should be weighed, though, and an intelligent decision should be made.

The first step to understanding a range hood is to know what it means and how it works, then you should understand the major difference between a ducted and a ductless range hood. 

Both types of hoods have their own advantage and this is a piece of important equipment we should all have in own kitchen hence in this article, we have listed the difference between a ducted range and a ductless range to help you choose the right one for your kitchen.

What is a Range hood?

A range hood is also known as a vent hood or kitchen exhaust and it is a device which contains a mechanical fan that hangs above the stove, it uses the fan to remove airborne oil, combustion products, dust, smoke, moisture, and steam from the air and leaves the kitchen clean and cool.

Depending pon the type of hood, you have, some are designed with rotating fans to take on or off the airborne objects and carry them out somewhere else. It helps to avoid trapping these spores on walls, floors and other objects. This can reduce the gloomy residue that can occur overnight in your kitchen.

The hoods in the line allow a healthier kitchen with less cleaning and less scrubbing. A number of hoods can also reduce cooking fumes from being spread other parts of your household. Although largely overlooked, a range hood is a very important appliance in the kitchen especially if you cook a lot. 

What is a ducted range hood?

A ducted hood is connected to a duct through tubes channelled from the kitchen to the outside by the airborne particles. Many designs can, however, restrict the way a vent hood can be mounted based on the available ducts in your kitchen.

Ducted hoods can be most commonly used in commercial kitchens but also in residential homes, depending on the style and cuisine of your kitchen.

What is a ductless range hood?

A ductless range hood For urban areas a ductless hood is common, and since no ventilation system has to be installed, you can mount it seamlessly wherever you like. This hood sucks the kitchen’s polluted air and recycles it to the home.

Therefore, the performance of the cap depends mainly on filter consistency. The specialized filters also use activated carbon or ammonia to keep oil, smoke, and steam from coming into the kitchen to put the fresh air in the room.

In the kitchen and other parts of your house, you should mount the ductless hood in order to keep the air fresh. You will clean them twice depending on the filters.

Which Is Better? Duct Or Ductless Range Hood

By weight the disadvantage and advantage between this two, you can decide better which is suitable for your kitchen. Ducted range hoods are commonly found in a commercial kitchen or homes and they are more efficient in getting rid of humidity and steam from the cooking area and they are more common however ductless range hood is more versatile and can be installed just about anywhere you want.

The ductless hood can be more convenient than a ducted hood but some people claim ducted hood run more efficiently and tend to be quiet but the only drawback is that it can only be installed in an area where there is a duct system.

If you do cook a lot and don’t care for lingering food odour then a ductless hood won’t do a good job of removing those aromas while a ducted range is far better at removing odours and heat from the kitchen, keeping your kitchen more comfortable and odour free.

All range hoods are created equal if you consider the benefits they offer, both ductless and ducted range hood have their own advantages but in the long run, a ducted hood is considered more efficient and better at keeping your home safe from odour, smoke and even humidity created by stovetop cooking.

 Difference between the duct and ductless hood

There are some factors needs to be considered when selecting between a ducted and ductless range hood 

  • Maintenance
  • Size and flexibility 
  • Moisture and heat reduction
  • Level of noise 
  • Odour reduction
  • Grease capture

Which Is Better? Duct Or Ductless Range Hood?