7 Healthy Grilling Tips You Should Know

7 Healthy Grilling Tips You Should Know

A grill is a device built for cooking however foods are not just cooked but it usually roasted, it is a fun and flavourful way to cook no matter the season and there are so many foods that can be cooked with a grill. Some grill uses wood or charcoal while some use propane gas to cook the food, Charcoal grilling or wood makes smokes which changes the flavor of the food however eating this chared grilled meat too often might make you sick which is why there are a couple of healthy tips to help you minimize the risk.

Summer grilling session with family is something everyone who loves grilling looks forward to and what could be better than having a healthy tasty meal with friends and family? The downside to grilled food is that it’s not always healthy especially meat, it can produce cancer-causing substances and there are also the fatty high-calorie food choices you have to confront at a barbecue.

There are a couple of health concerns when it comes to grilling foods but not to worry, the goodness is that you can make it healthier with just a few changes and if you are committed to making a healthier choice this summer, read on to discover 7 healthy grilling tips to get you grilling and also reduce exposure to harmful carcinogens.

7 Healthy Grilling Tips You Should Know

As well as health is wealth, diet can still be tailored to loose calories and fat but retain its flavor. Hot dog and those oily meats definitely have a high calorie and fat, bother not there are always creative ways to maneuver your grilling skills to match a healthy and nutritious meal.

  1. Red meat poses a lot of risks, especially to the old age bracket. Nevertheless, it can be easily substituted with white meat, which includes rabbit meat or chicken. For example, a survey done in 2017 edited and published in BMJ found that “Red meat increases the risk of cancer, heart disease or, liver disease by more than 25 percent” Therefore white meat is an excellent substitute as it erases these risks.
  2. Marinating grill helps lower HCA and PAH levels by up to 70-88 percent. Herbs like rosemary should also be included to help with the flavor and also serve as anti-oxidant for which help offset the anti-effects of grilling. Burning or direct heating should be avoided by all means. This might lead to a build-up of HCA and PAH as they can be found in char and smoke respectively.
  3. Cleanliness is a good virtue found in gas grills. But while using a charcoal grill, its exposure to char or other chemicals might be reduced by frequent cleaning. Brushing the grill over and over again. This will help keep the grill healthy.
  4. Burning or direct heating should be avoided by all means. This might lead to a build-up of HCA and PAH as they can found in char and smoke respectively.
  5. Fish and other seafood have their way of minimizing or preventing cardiovascular diseases. It is recommended to be eaten at least twice a week. This can also serve as a substitute for red meat.
  6. Try grilling fruits for dessert, they bring out natural sugars suspended in them giving them extra sweetness and flavor.
  7. Keep everything clean

Is grilled better than fried?

No, grilling is a healthier alternative to fried food as grilled meat has a reduced fat content, they are typically low in calories and this is because grilling over high heat releases fat from cooking meat. Grilled foods are better than fried foods and this is because frying foods add more fasts to them and even if they are lean and has fewer calories, they will end up with more however with grilled foods, leaned foods will remain lean and foods with high-fat contents will lose some of that.

Is it better to grill with the lid open or closed?

It is recommended to keep your grill close but this is not necessary, you don’t have to keep your grill close 24/7 however if you are working with thin cuts of meat then it may be best to leave the lid open, leaving it open up will slow the cooking process by reducing the temperature around the meat and when it comes to thicker cuts, you can go ahead and close the lid to keep the temperature high and even. You can cover the grill lid when necessary, just remember to give it a good wipe down once every month. 

Should you clean your grill after every use?

Yes, you should definitely do a simple cleaning after every use when the grates have cooled down but still pretty warm, brush and clean any food particles that are stuck to the grates, this prevents buildups and keep your grill clean and healthy. Brushing the grill after every use is essential but you do not have to do a heavy cleaning every time you use but it should be cleaned before using.

Quick cleaning of your grill after every use saves your work and keeps the grate working, it should be treated just like you treat your kitchen stove and it is best to give a scrub with a brush before using.

7 Healthy Grilling Tips You Should Know