Perennial Herbs That Grow Back Every Year

15 Perennial Herbs That Grow Back Every Year

Herbs are one of the easiest plants to grow, they’re also economical, you do not have to spend a lot of money on spices or flavor for food, you can always reach into your garden and pluck some. However, it can get tiring as a gardener to plant a single herb over and over again.

What you do not know is that there are herbs that can be planted once and they grow back every year for a while! Splendid right! These herbs are called perennial herbs.

What are perennial herbs? Perennial herbs are herbs that live for more than two years, they’re different from annual and biennial herbs.

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15 Perennial Herbs That Grow Back Every Year

Here are some herbs that you do not have to worry about planting for years.

1. Sage

Sage is a beneficial herb to have in your garden, it is known to be used for a variety of dishes, it can be grown indoors and outdoor and even in a container as long as it has all the care it requires. Sage is a perennial herb and you do not have to worry about planting it year after year.

Sage is best grown from cuttings, this is because it usually takes a while to germinate, when growing a sage, either indoor or outdoor, place it in a sunny location, it requires at least 6hours of direct sunlight.

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2. Rosemary

6 Best Plants to Grow With Rosemary
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Rosemary is a simple herb to grow, it is used for adding flavor to different food, all over the world. Rosemary isn’t just known for food, and it also serves as an ornamental herb, rosemary is not affected by the weather.

It can be grown in winter, outdoors. If your weather is too cold, you can grow your rosemary in a container, and take it inside. Rosemary is best grown from cuttings and requires a great amount of light to grow best. Once it is planted once, you find your rosemary, growing back year after.

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3. Parsley

Parsley is also an easy herb to grow, with Parsley, you do not have to worry about taking so much care of it, Parsley is used to treating various illnesses ie. Kidney stones, bladder infection, etc.

It is used for cooking various meals. Parsley is best grown from seed, you only have to give it the right condition to grow and a lot of sunlight. The beautiful thing is that you do not have to grow Parsley every year, it grows right back.

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4. Thyme

Chefs and cuisines know thyme to be a notable herb for flavor, it not only adds flavor but also a great scent. Thyme is easy to grow and doesn’t stress, and it is dough and heat tolerant, it also grows fast. It is one herb that attracts beneficial insects to the garden.

You can choose to grow them on the ground or in a container, it grows well in both places. You do not have to worry about planting thyme over again, it grows year after year.

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5. Mint

Basil. mint, parsley, coriander - 10 Best Insects And Bug Repellant Plants For Your Garden
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Mint is an amazing herb to grow in your garden. There are different types of mint, known for culinary uses and aromatic properties.

Mint can be grown in a container or a garden if you have enough space, this is because mint tends to take over the garden. Regardless of how much you harvest mint, it grows back. Mint grows well in full sunlight.

6. Bay

Bay is an herb that is known for its culinary uses. It is an evergreen perennial herb, it is best grown from cuttings. It is easy to grow from a seedling. Bay can be grown in a container and kept indoor.

7. Chives

Chives Companion Plants
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The chives flower and plant are both edible, it is used for food garnishing and of the family of onion, garlic, and leek. It is best grown from cuttings. Chives also add beauty to the garden. It can also be raised in the container. It is one perennial herb, you’ll be grateful you have in your garden.

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8. Lavender

Lavender is an amazing herb that has been grown for years. It is known for its beauty and fragrance, for the production of essential oil, for varieties of food, and also for medicinal purposes.

Lavender grows best in well-drained soil and requires full sun, however, if you live in a hot climate condition, it is best protected in the afternoon sun. Growing Lavender in your garden helps you retain the goodness for many years.

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9. Oregano

Fresh oregano herbs that grow back every year
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Oregano is a beautiful perennial herb, it is known for its culinary uses, it can be planted from cuttings and seeds. It is best grown in well-drained and full sun. Oregano, when planted, is almost impossible to kill.

10. Sorrel

Sorrel, although not well known, is a very useful perennial herb. It is used for a variety of dishes. It grows best in well-drained soil and germinates fast.

11. Cilantro/Coriander

Cilantro is the leafy part while coriander is the seed found in the dried flower head so the herb plant can be called cilantro and coriander. It might be regarded as an annual plant but let the seed head drop and baby cilantro plant tend to appear in cooler weather.

Planting Cilantro? Here’s a list of its best companion plants.

12. Tarragon

Technically tarragon is a herb that is very difficult to grow from seed but you can grow it indoors all year round. Having an indoor herb is really great especially if you like cooking with it.

13. Chamomile

Chamomile is another charming herb that is similar to flowers and has a subtle smell but is not overpowering. Chamomile is not just an all-year herb to enjoy but makes a great companion plant with many perennial5 herbs.

14. Lemon Balm

Perennial Herbs That Grow Back Every Year

Lemon balm is a gorgeous herb with a pleasant fragrance. It is a great herb to grow as it is medicinal and very useful in the kitchen.

15. Salad Burnet

This is another one of the lesser-known herbs but it has incredible benefits and grows back with ease every year. It has attractive pink flowers and tooth-edged leaves that can be added to salads for a mild cucumber flavor.


Can Rosemary survive outside in the winter?

Rosemary will only survive the winter month if it stays indoors during that period. If you reside within growing zone 7 and below, in your area then rosemary is unlikely to survive winter outside but if your growing zone is at least zone 8 then you can grow rosemary outside all year round.

Can I grow herbs indoors all year round?

Most herbs are happy with indoor temperature and you can keep them going all year long when planted indoor.

Can you plant herbs any time of year?

Annual herbs such as dill, summer savory, and basil need to be anew every year but perennial herbs are often the commonly used herbs such as parsley, mint, and sage can be planted all year round.

What are hardy perennials?

Hardy perennials are plants that last three seasons or more and they can also withstand freezing temperature.

What are the hardiest herbs to grow?

Some herbs are really impossible to kill. Some hardy plants to grow in your garden include; Catnip, mint, rosemary, lavender, sage, chives, horseradish, caraway, parsley, tarragon, and lemon balm.

How long does a perennial herb live?

Perennial plants or herbs can simply live up to two years or more. Perennials don’t live forever but they definitely thrive longer than other plants.

How cold is too cold for herbs outside?

Different herbs respond to different temperature levels depending on their growing conditions. But almost all kinds of herbs thrive in temperatures that are in the mid to low the 40s while others such as basil can not survive temperatures lower than 50 degrees F.

Where should I plant my herb garden?

Most herbs like being planted in gardens that receive full sun but if you have a garden that gets less sun them make sure to plant herbs that thrive in partial shade.

Final Thoughts

Finally, with these herbs, you can be assured that all you need to do is plant once and you do not have to worry about planting for many years. Also, these herbs are very beneficial for a lot of purposes i.e medicinal and culinary are just the two major options.

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