Kale chips what to cook in portable oven

10 Things You Can Cook In A Portable Oven

What can you cook in a portable oven? You are definitely underestimating your portable oven if you think there are lots of meals it can’t cook. A portable oven is small and lightweight but can still be used to make some essential meals. Some portable ovens come with preset functions that allow you to cook some foods such as frozen foods, pizza, cake and toast.

There may be many ways to describe a portable oven and you would be surprised to know it can do basically anything your regular oven can do as long as it doesn’t require a baking dish that is too for space. 

With the holidays around the corner, you are already planning menus and taking a peek at recipes. One of the common encounters is how to bake many things at once especially if you have an oven that’s going to be busy with the turkey then you can easily make an investment in a portable oven.

It’s surprising things your portable oven can cook, they may be small but they are nimble, versatile, and surprisingly capable. Some models of a portable oven can air fry food. If you are still wondering what they can really cook, here are 10 things you can cook in a portable oven.

10 Things You Can Cook In A Portable Oven

Portable ovens are becoming increasingly popular. Preparing an elaborate meal in your portable oven doesn’t have to be difficult, depending on the model, capacity will vary greatly but with many models, preheating is possible. Not all portable ovens will qualify for air frying such as models with more basic control but they are energy efficient however here are 10 things you can cook with any model of portable oven.

1. Lasagna Toast

Lasagna Toast is an all favourite breakfast you can’t say to make in your portable oven. This is likely to take 8 to 10 minutes to bake and you will need around 15 minutes to stir and prep it. One of the unique qualities of making this in a portable oven is that it is quicker to make than making the real lasagna and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. 

2. Lemon Tart

Lemon tart is another delicious recipe worth trying. This is not just easy to make it a portable oven but comes with a creamy flaky taste you can’t help but like. This makes an amazing dessert and you can always search for recipes online or have it made it a simple way of mixing varieties of tarts depending on your preference. 

3. Suckling Pig Leg Roast


Substitute your casual pork roast for a suckling pig leg roast which has been discovered to not only provide a rich flavour and taste but is also a source of high-quality protein, vitamins nd minerals. Here is a simple recipe to help you achieve this meal in your portable oven with ease. 

4. Applesauce Cornbread

Applesauce cornbread is not just a recipe you will enjoy making in your portable oven but quite healthy as well. Applesauce will be replacing fat in this dish and other nutritious ingredients in this recipe include oatmeal. Simply pour the cornbread batter into a small baking pan before sliding it into the portable or toaster oven.

5. Marinara And Parmesan Baked Eggs

A simple recipe to try in your toaster or portable oven. You will be having baked eggs in 10 to 15 minutes. 

6. Bacon

Bacon in a portable is less stressful than frying it. Just out the bacon slices directly on the rack and let the grease drip into the pan below and you will have well-made bacon in no time. 

7. Paleo Pizza

sliced pepperoni pizza on white ceramic plate
Photo by Sydney Troxell on Pexels.com

You can definitely make pizza in your portable oven. This might not be a bigger size but you will be getting the same taste and result in minutes. All kinds of pizza can be made in a portable oven and all you need are the right recipe. A paleo pizza is often considered easier to make in portable ovens and can be served as lunch or dinner. Check for a simple paleo pizza recipe here

8. Baked Tofu

Looking for an awesome tofu topping for your salad? This is another simple and quick portable oven dish to try. Press out excess water, marinate it in sesame seed oil or soy sauce and toss in the portable oven.

9. Almond Flour Biscuits

Almond flour is a popular alternative to traditional wheat flour. It contains more nutrient and has a slightly sweeter taste compared to other flour types. Almond flour biscuit has more protein than their white flour biscuit counterparts. This recipe might give you just two biscuits if you are doing it in a portable oven but still a perfect snack to accompany dinner or two. 

10. Garlic Kale Chips

Kale and garlic are both superfoods you are sure to enjoy for its nutrients. We are a big fan of garlic kale chips and with a portable oven, you can make them in smaller batches to be enjoyed later. Kale is a nutritious food packed with antioxidants and is a great source of fibre, iron and calcium. 

Can a portable oven replace a regular oven?

Yes, a portable oven can definitely replace a regular oven and this is because a portable oven can do practically anything a regular oven can do as long as it doesn’t require a baking dish that is too big for space. Depending on the model you get, a portable oven can be used to roast, broil, dehydrate, grill, bake or steam. They can also be used for some hot air frying. 

Final Thoughts

Portable ovens are just a mini version of your regular oven which means you can still make practically anything that can be popped into a regular oven. Your regular cookie sheet will not fit into it though so you might want to arm yourself with some portable oven friendly tools like 8 by 11-inch cookie sheet, a standard small size loaf pan, little oven-safe cups and investing in portable oven baking set will come in handy as well.