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25 Simple Kitchen Design Ideas For 2022

Designing and planning your kitchen is essential especially if you spend a lot of time there or have guests come over often. Creating a functional and stylish kitchen space is about access to appliances, storage, and safety when using the appliances. Generally, the importance of simple kitchen design can not be overstated and it gets even better in 2021.

Kitchens are where memories are made in adding to making tasty meals, it is the center of the family’s day-to-day living. Going for a strong kitchen design is not really important and it’s in the past now. The best way to make your kitchen stand out is by choosing simple goodlooking designs.

A well-designed kitchen is a soulful reflection of the things you love to do. So we have rounded up 50 simple kitchen design ideas for 2021.

25 Simple Kitchen Design Ideas For 2021

Whether you prefer something modern or traditional, all you need is a design to inspire you. So if you are ready to tackle the idea of renovation for your kitchen, here are simple kitchen design ideas to recreate in your own space.

1. Grey And White Design

Efficient, Small And Simple Kitchen Design
Image: @simplekitchendesign // Instagram

This is a really great design for anyone. This is a clear update from any normal and plain kitchen design. It’s simple and eye-catching and it brings the word simple design alive without making your kitchen look overly dramatic.

2. Simple Cabinet Design

Efficient, Small And Simple Kitchen Design
Image: @wonderhome_ideas // Instagram

Here is another kitchen design that speaks volume without being too much. It’s perfect with any color.

3. Narrow Kitchen Design

Narrow Kitchen Design
Source: Dream Kitchen

Keep it narrow if you are trying to save space. This is what any modern kitchen design should look like.

4. Efficient, Small And Simple Kitchen Design

Efficient, Small And Simple Kitchen Design
Image: @Simplekitchen // Instagram

Counter space shouldn’t have to be a problem with a kitchen design like this. This is a really great design for any home interior.

5. Craft Kitchen Design

Craft Kitchen Design
Image: @salvageworkspdx // Instagram

Looking for an eye-catching hue for your kitchen design? Here is the perfect design and not to forget the simple wooden stool that makes it all stand out.

6. Smart Kitchen Style

 Smart Kitchen Style
Source: Top Homez

Keep it light and simple but with a modern cabinet.

7. Lovely Kitchen Interior

Lovely Kitchen Interior
Image: @alessiazanchiloffredo // Instagram

This is a lovely kitchen you are sure going to get compliments for. This kitchen design is not just exotic but helps keep things classy.

8. Blue And Gray White Kitchen Design

Blue And Gray White Kitchen Design
Source: Quartz design

Blue and gray-white kitchen and another kitchen set that is worth designing for any kind of room design.

9. Wallpaper Kitchen Interior

Wallpaper Kitchen Interior
Source: Culina

Grey and white design are perfect for any kind of room decor. They help keep things organized and more interesting for a modern setting.

10. Modern Kitchen With Rustic Sink

Modern Kitchen With Extra Sink
Source: Pinterest

We all admit modern kitchen designs are fun and they help you go with casual colors.

11. Kitchen Accents

Kitchen Accents
Image: @kitchendesigns // Instagram

Here is another simple but fancy design you can adopt.

12. Plain Kitchen Interior

Plain Kitchen Interior
Image: @fuzzypeaks // Instagram

Plain is the way to keep the drama out of your kitchen design and although you get to go with any color of your choice the designs are minimal.

13. Wooden Kitchen Design

Plain Kitchen Interior
Image: @innovativedesigns // Instagram

If you are up to keeping things casual and interesting then here is a kitchen design you will definitely like. This is great if you like to keep your kitchen cozy and calm.

14. Kitchen Interior With Open Shelf

Kitchen Interior With Open Shelf
Image: @interiordesign // Instagram

Here is a kitchen design with an ancient and modern combination to give you something fun and less dramatic.

15. Ocean Blue Design

Ocean Blue Design
Source: Vstone

Blue is an exciting colour that has a way of making any kitchen design look astonishing.

16. Kitchen Design With Crystal Cabinets

Kitchen Design With Crystal Cabinets
Source: Crystal Cabinets

This is the perfect definition of an exotic kitchen design. It’s casual enough for any kind of occasion, the style is perfect for any kind of house design.

17. Green Kitchen Design

 Green Kitchen Design
Image: @kitchen_interior_design // Instagram

A good kitchen design has the ability to make your kitchen comfortable and easy to cook it. This green kitchen design keeps the kitchen clutter-free and you don’t need lots of kitchen space to achieve this look. Just keep it simple and cool.

18. Modern Pink Kitchen

 Modern Pink Kitchen
Image: @betweenyouandmesigns_ // Instagram

Pink has an amazing way of lightening up any room and it did just that with this kitchen. If you are a fan of pinks then you shouldn’t hesitate to have them in your kitchen design.

19. Cozy Kitchen Decor

Cozy Kitchen Decor
Image: @kitchen_interior_design_ // Instagram

Everyone loves a cozy kitchen. This kitchen allows you have all your utensils and appliances close by. This kitchen is perfect if for a small space area.

20. Compact Kitchen Design

Compact Kitchen Design
Source: Pinterest

This is one of the trendiest kitchens in 2021, it is tidy and we love how it happens to be white and it has been easily translated into this exotic and refreshing kitchen decor.

21. Yellow Cabinet Decor

Yellow Cabinet Decor
Source: Eva Sherin

Cleanliness is the first thing that should come to mind when you think about designing a kitchen and this kitchen decor helps keep things tidy and simple.

22. Elegant Kitchen Interior

Elegant Kitchen Interior
Image: @kitchendesign // Instagram

The possibility of creating a simple luxury kitchen should not be overlooked. This kitchen has been designed with simplicity in mind but it’s really cozy and luxurious.

23. Modern Cabinets

Modern Cabinets
Image: @kitchens_of_insta // Instagram

There are lots of modern cabinets to choose from for your kitchen but it’s important to go for one that compliments your kitchen design. This simple kitchen décor has an interesting layout and if the colors do not have to match but they do make each other shine.

24. Sophisticated White Kitchen Interior

Sophisticated White Kitchen Interior
Image: @jnathome // Instagram

Every kitchen has its own reason for being different and in this design, the greenery adds to all the difference and sophistication. It looks really cool and fancy at the same time.

25. Simple Kitchen With Touch Of Classic

Simple Kitchen With Touch Of Classic
Source: Homebnc

With this simple kitchen interior, it gives you a touch of modernity with the old-world design. You get to create any décor scheme you want and there is a practicality to it as well.

In Conclusion

To get a simple kitchen design, you need to avoid mixing too many colors as this can be overwhelming but you can go big on style. Learn ways to keep your designs smart and less dramatic also. Remember to also have white blend into your kitchen especially when decorating a small kitchen space.

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